A letter from a reader in British Columbia

Dear Editors at WSWS:

I am an 18-year-old female living in British Columbia right now. I could go on for pages about how the Liberal government’s cuts are and will be affecting my family and others that I know. What I want answered by the Liberals is this: If these cuts are necessary because we are running out of money, then why did they all give themselves 32 percent raises, not even a month after they were officially sworn in to government?

If the Liberals go ahead and start breaking union contracts and rolling back wages, my parents will lose their house. When the Liberals break these contracts, my father will either completely lose his job or his wages will be rolled back from $17 (Canadian) an hour to only $8 an hour. I would therefore be making more than my father, who still has to support my mother and brother. I don’t see how they can live with themselves after making cuts to our health, such as eye exams and massage therapy. But I guess they don’t have to think about it. What if it were their family? Not since they all got 32 percent raises, and even when they do retire or quit, I’m sure they’ll have more than enough for a comfortable retirement.

I would hope that Mr. Campbell would have to live off welfare for a few months with his family, and see how well he could survive. Thank you for listening to my frustrations. Keep up the good work!


British Columbia

19 January 2002