Letters to the WSWS on the US war in Afghanistan

The following is a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site .

I’m happy someone has the courage to tell the truth!



14 January 2002

Dear Mr. Martin:

As an American citizen I am ashamed by the US government’s actions concerning the Afghan POWs. It reflects the terrible consequences of new imperialist world order when it comes in conflict with terrorist attacks. Reality already predicts the outcome for these prisoners who are slated for military trials and executions. A capacity for two thousand prisoners outside of US soil. What you described is a concentration camp that rivals the Nazis and the Stalinists.

It is obvious to anyone these individuals defended the Afghanistan Islamic fundamentalist government. Some are members of Osama bin Laden’s organization. The US imperialists fear these men because they dare to take up arms against capitalism. They are part of a movement that supports terrorism as a means of fighting back against the domination of the planet by the US government and its allies.

These men have no rights as far as the ruling class is concerned. They lost their rights as soon as they picked up arms against the capitalist system and struck a blow for Islam. These men are not afraid of perishing, nor are they afraid of taking a few others with them before they are executed.

All freedom loving working people and farmers need to publicly disclaim any agreement or relationship to a system that promotes this kind of vengeance and hatred. This is not our morals; it is theirs.

The best we can do is join the struggle condemning the actions of the US government and its ruling elite for what it truly is, a series of lies to permit the wholesale slaughter of men whose only crime is taking up arms against the capitalist ruling class bent on exploiting their people and sending them into poverty.

However, in every war there are true war criminals. There are some Taliban forces that executed women and children. They need to be brought to justice by the Afghan people.



15 January 2002

I read your article by Patrick Martin on the Internet today [“Afghan POWs at Guantanamo base: bound and gagged, drugged, caged like animals”]. All I care to say is you are one-sidedly blind as you accuse the US of being. Where were you when 3,000 non-combatant American citizens were deprived of their right to life, never mind inhumane conditions, defense lawyers and proper justice? These people possessed no arms, were a threat to no one and deserved to see their loved ones that day. Are you concerned at all about their rights? What about the rights of the woman who were shot by these heathens for showing their face in public or educating themselves? Where were the judge and jury you so righteously request for these animals?

Yes, they are in cages, yes, they are drugged, and as long as that saves one more American life I say let it be. Why should they have the benefit of American or international law when they live by no law themselves? Do you think if you had similar negative views about the Taliban during their reign of terror, you would have been able to express it in their newspapers or on their TVs?—oh wait, they were not allowed TVs and the women can’t read anyway. You’re lucky you’re allowed to spit out your inconceivable rhetoric. Try it in a nation filled with these “religious fanatics” who are jealous of our way of life and our freedoms.


15 January 2002

I stumbled upon your web site looking for information on Bush’s tax cut, and read the “US planned war in Afghanistan long before September 11” article. I’ve been thinking the same thing ever since the day—that US officials were either involved in or knew about the attacks. I just didn’t have all the facts. My hunch was simply based on the fact that the Bush administration has only profited from the whole September 11 affair. Thanks for the info.


Portland, Oregon

17 January 2002

Bravo! Bravo!

Your articles are solid, well researched and well written. I’m waiting impatiently for the rest of your work.

Thank you for—as we say in France—“calling a cat ... a cat.”

Best regards,


18 January 2002

Only the American Congress can declare war. If this is a war between states, why has their been no formal declaration of war?

None of the countries now in Afghanistan have formally declared war on the country, nor presented concrete evidence to warrant or back a claim for the atrocities labeled “retaliatory” measures. Look how many countries have unlawful combatants in Afghanistan. The Americans cannot support the Taliban with training and arms and then claim they are unlawful combatants without implicating themselves either way.

If the Taliban were unlawful combatants, why did the Americans arm them against the Russians? What was the US doing supporting and training unlawful combatants? If, indeed, the Taliban are responsible for the WTC disaster, it is entirely self-evident that they would not have been able to do so without the American training in the first place.


20 January 2002

This is simply a spontaneous compliment to your web site and in particular to the staff’s advocated opinions in regards to the crisis in Afghanistan; throughout the past few years I have stumbled upon your site time and again in web searches when looking for less popular and more alternative information. Please stick around, I’ve finally decided on a new favourite source


20 January 2002

Dear editor,

To me, the biggest piece of evidence that the CIA was involved in the 11 September events is that someone from the US government rounded up and escorted all the bin Laden and Saudi Royal relatives out of the USA between 11 and 13 September. Considering that 15 of the alleged bombers were allegedly Saudis, from a covert action perspective, it makes perfect sense that one of these people would have been the case officer for the bombers. So, in effect, while a thousand other Arab Muslim male suspects were detained, the group of prime suspects was shuffled out of the country. That to me is a sure sign that CIA counterintelligence was involved.



Longmeadow, Massachusetts

24 January 2002

Just a thank you for a wonderful job on reporting and analysis. I’ve used the series [“Was the US government alerted to September 11 attack?”] in writing my Senators (Graham and Nelson) and Representative Stearns asking them why they are not investigating.

In truth, I really don’t expect even a polite “we are concerned that you are concerned” BS-type letter. Perhaps if everyone would write their reps raising the same questions they might feel a little pressure.


Orange Park, Florida

24 January 2002