Letters on the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl

Below are some the letters received in response to “Release Daniel Pearl!” published on the World Socialist Web Site January 31.

To the editors of WSWS:

I agree with you and certainly hope they release Daniel Pearl, and not carry out their threats to shoot him. I do believe that he was somehow set up to explain what is really going on in Afghanistan. The truth. The kidnappers don’t realize that we cannot get the truth through our media. Any word damaging the US officials will certainly not be heard or read about in this century. Thanks and keep up the great reporting.


2 February 2002

While I do not agree with most of your politics, I just wanted to write this short note thanking you for your powerful editorial calling for the release of journalist Daniel Pearl unharmed. Best of luck with your publication.

Yours truly,


1 February 2002


“Release Daniel Pearl” on January 31 is a great article. I heartily agree that any harm to Daniel Pearl will only help Bush’s aggressive policies. I just want to say that I wish that more people, the Palestinians, and people throughout the Moslem world would use nonviolent civil disobedience, the model of Martin Luther King and Ghandhi, as the tactic to thwart the American government’s and Israel’s policies, instead of terror.


Chico, California

31 January 2002

I thoroughly agree that whoever is holding Daniel Pearl hostage is playing into the hands of the Bush administration. He should be released now, but how can this message be brought to his captors?



31 January 2002