Letters on the Middle East crisis

Below we post a selection of recent letters on the crisis in the Middle East.


Congratulations to you and God bless Mr. Martin for his honest and eloquent analysis of the atrocities being committed by Sharon’s thugs against a captive and overpowered Palestinian population, which was duped to believe in Oslo’s false promises. All this takes place whilst Bush continues his hypocritical claim of wanting to eventually see a Palestinian state (perhaps his vision is for one without Palestinians!) and of fighting evil and terrorism, but of one side only.

This US-sponsored and Israeli-abused New World Order with its double standards and MIGHT IS RIGHT motto is sickening in its blatant immorality and cruelty. I hate to think of where this is leading humanity!

With best wishes,


Florence, Italy

9 April 2002

Ms. Hyland,

Thank you very much for a very well written and accurate report of the continuing paranoia of the Israeli military. It is Mr. Sharon who should be blamed for these ugly acts against civilians trying to do their jobs the best way they can, by reporting the facts. Mr. Sharon needs to be reminded that he and Israel cannot continue in this fashion without undergoing the scrutiny of world opinion. I was born in 1948, the year that Israel came into being, and so I have watched with interest the development of the Israeli military and its efforts to remain in supreme power in the region. I have become appalled with the eye-for-an-eye diplomacy that has developed between the Israelis and the Palestinians with a great deal of horror. I don’t want to see any more killed and I don’t think that the world at large wants it either. Once again thanks for the opportunity to read a wonderfully written article and state my opinion.

Sincerely yours,


6 April 2002

Regarding the [anti-war] protests in Israel, thanks for reporting what very few media outlets in North America report.


London, Ontario 11 April 2002

Thank you for your activities and spreading your ideas.

I have read the article about the expulsion of the Palestinians and the origins of Land Day from 29 March 2002. It was great to read an intelligent, detailed and focused article! Thank you again.



10 April 2002

Thank you for this story. I forwarded it to my local television news station, asking them why they aren’t reporting THIS story, even though it won’t do any good. I awoke this morning to all the news stations blathering on about “13 Israeli troops killed!” until I thought I was going to vomit. They truly do believe that some lives count more than others. I am sick and tired of the news media not reporting the truth about what the Israeli army, under the direction of the demented Sharon, is really doing in the occupied territories and the camps. I look to the WSWS every day to find out what’s really going on, even if the news is bad news.


San Francisco

10 April 2002