Letters on the abortive coup in Venezuela

The following is a selection of letters on WSWS coverage of the recent developments in Venezuela.

It looks like another frightening period for just another South American country, as there have been many before. It is beyond my imagination that so many activities have been carried out by the US in that part of the world and that the people just seem to accept it and grant Bush a massive approval rating. If this goes on much longer and the apathy of the US onlookers continues, it will be the end of civilization, as we know it.

Without the likes of you and your journalism, people would never become informed.

More strength to you, from Australia.



17 April 2002

Dear Mr. Vann,

Many thanks for your in-depth and objective analysis of the coup in Venezuela and its background. I am sure a better world is possible, but not if we rely on the established mass media for information about what’s happening in the real world (as opposed to the Orwellian one touted them).

Best regards,


18 April 2002

Dear Editors:

Great article on the hardly hidden political philosophy of the Times and American ruling elite. “What the New York Times ‘overlooked’ in the Venezuelan events,” By Bill Vann”]

Perhaps we need to remember that the word democracy (in this context, that is, of the American media) is interpreted in ways that do not actually deny the idea of representation, but do not actually define who is allowed to vote and under what circumstances.

May I suggest that we ought to define the democracy hailed by the Times’ April 13 editorial as “Boardroom Democracy?”

This is a kind of democracy, but only stockholders and corporate board members are recognized as actual voters. Certainly they seem to be the only beneficiaries of this kind of democracy. The advantages are that the media can keep talking about democracy and never have to defend themselves.

Keep up the great work!



18 April 2002

Dear Mr. Vann:

Chavez is clearly still in trouble.

As your report so clearly demonstrates, he is where is now simply because Bush did not make the necessary preparations to drown the popular revolt in blood.

Isn’t it ironic that leaders like Hugo Chavez are paying the price for Al Gore’s indecision and timidity in facing down Bush’s illegal power grabs against constitutional democratic institutions and elected leaders?


18 April 2002