SEP to hold May 12 meeting in London: "The perspectives for socialism in the 21st century"

On May 12, the Socialist Equality Party of Britain will be holding a public meeting, The perspectives for socialism in the 21st century.

David North, national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party of the United States and chairman of the editorial board of the World Socialist Web Site will speak on:

In the shadow of Jenin: Sharon and the historical failure of Zionism

Through an examination of Zionism, North will examine the failure of nationalism and illustrate the necessity for the working class to adopt the perspective of socialist internationalism.

Peter Schwarz, the secretary of the International Committee of the Fourth International, will speak on:

The implications of the French Presidential Elections for the European working class

Schwarz will address himself to the collapse of the parties and institutions of the Fifth Republic and the socialist perspective for opposing the threat of fascism.

University of London Students Union,
The Palms Room
Malet Street,

Admission: £5, £3.50 unwaged

Doors open 1.30 pm, 2 pm start