Letters to the WSWS

Below we post a selection of recent letters to the WSWS.

To all editors of the WSWS,

The first thing I wish to say is, quite simply, thanks. I stumbled onto your site late last year, whilst trying to find some real information about 9/11, something to help fill the gaps being left by the mainstream press. I discovered exactly that—and more. I have now read every article on your site and been impressed beyond words by your outlook, your honesty, and the sheer quality of the writing (which sometimes exposes the absurd posturing of the corporate elite with an understated directness which makes me physically wince, and occasionally laugh out loud.)

I’ve always felt that the mysterious “ruling elite” were driven by some amazingly intricate world-plan, which was so ingenious that it almost deserved admiration as well as contempt, almost like a Bond villain’s scheme. But, having been educated, not least by yourselves, I now realize that the only thing that makes these people “powerful” is their power itself. From their ludicrous, masturbatory Bilderberg meetings to their secretive Skull and Bones ceremonies, it’s clear that their craving for power is really driven by the gnawing knowledge that, far from being of superior “breeding,” they’re really inferior, overvalued stock.

The barely-literate Bushes, the vindictive Cheneys, the frankly psychopathic Rumsfelds, the moist-eyed Blairs. They’re just a bunch of frustrated movie stars without the looks.

Your site is a revelation. Let’s hope it leads to a revolution.


15 May 2002

Once in a while I am inspired; usually it is after I have read the excellent articles provided by the editorial board of WSWS. There is nothing quite like telling it like it is. Fortunately, a few people (the editorial staff of WSWS) have taken the time to find out what precisely it is that needs to be told.


Saskatchewan, Canada

13 May 2002

I’m 16 and I live in America. Somehow I stumbled upon the WSWS and randomly clicked on the link to this article. I’d just like to say that it’s good to find people with the same views on the blatantly imperialist nation in which I live. Hopefully, the US government will not attempt to draft me for one of their future wars of aggression.


13 May 2002

Thank you for your continued service in sending me updates and articles.

Your site is the most thoroughly researched and well-written one on the net. If I had my life to live over, I would be a hated “Socialist” or worse still, “Communist.” I am sick of capitalism and all of the excesses we are witnessing as greed reaches orgiastic levels in America. I seriously believe that we are finished as a democratic nation. Bush, a non-elected president, has three more years at least to work his monstrous plans. What will be left by then?

I subscribed to Democrats.com right after the 2000 election but now delete their daily efforts without even opening them. The Democratic Party is part of the problem—not a possible alternative or solution. I am wholly disillusioned with the two-party system in the nation of my birth. Something radically different is needed and the Democrats will not offer it.


7 May 2002

On Cuba

Your article on the Bush administration’s “big lie” on Cuba was outstanding. I encourage you to give a copy of it to as many organizations as possible, including the Cuban newspapers. Bush can’t get away with using people’s fears of bioterrorism from 9/11 to get his brother reelected and advance his utterly blind and heartless policies!

Keep it up!


15 May 2002

* * *

This article is very important. I also heard President Carter’s speech in which he said there is no evidence to support the biological warfare lie. I will forward this to everyone I know. Thanks for this news!


Long Beach, California

15 May 2002

* * *

Nice article, it is refreshing to see such writing in the mainstream media. The Bush administration is on the brink of all-out stupidity with their far-flung accusations that Cuba is terrorist. This is laughable, yet is also very sad, as it is the best the Bush team can come up with.



12 May 2002

On the anthrax investigation

Re: anthrax/scientist, thank you for covering the story. It is very interesting, and makes me believe even more that 9/11 was brought on by the Bush administration for a cover-up of something larger and more endangering to the American people.


9 May 2002

* * *

There is no way that one can describe the cloned insanity of these current times in the United States (?)—a misnomer in itself. Why is there a determined indifference by Democratic leaders to conform to injustice? Perhaps the crux of the situation may begin to be explained by the 11 microbiologists mysteriously dead over the span of just five months! Perhaps Democratic leaders are more savvy to what is happening than the general public and yet pretend to conform to a nonexistent democratic form of government. Remember how anthrax threats were directed at Democratic leaders, but when the story was revealed no investigation of any significance was done. It appears that the fascist right is making a real effort in pursuing its goals by subtly diminishing all forms of justice little by little. Then there is a definite determination by the Bush regime to block any and all investigations of 9/11. Remember the direct and individual requests by Bush and Cheney to Democratic Leader Senator Tom Daschle to NOT INVESTIGATE 9/11? WHY? A most frightening observation is that too many people are indifferent, do not want to talk about it and will do nothing until our country has reached a crisis. Then who knows what kind of pains we will have to endure? The encroachment is persistent but who is listening?


8 May 2002

* * *

Re: anthrax, why are the media and the top Democrats silent on this issue? I asked myself the same question about the media during that Kennedy thing many years ago. It seems like the bad ole days of the ’60s are back. God help us.


17 May 2002

To the Editor:

I read with interest your report on Luke Helder, the pipe bombing suspect, and wholeheartedly agree with the analysis. I too was struck by the relative lack of official interest shown in the case, especially in light of the recent frenzy over “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh. Helder’s actions have resulted in several actual casualties, whereas Lindh in all probability really did nothing to harm anyone (and only by sheer luck did not die a horrible death at the hands of the military). The inconsistency clearly demonstrates the opportunism and empty posturing of the American political and media establishment.



9 May 2002


This is a brilliant exposition [“The Crusader affair: A military-corporate oligarchy out of control”] of the perfidious dynamic underpinning the rolling political coup currently being perpetrated on the American people by a deeply disturbing fascistic cabal. Is there no end to their turpitude? Left to their own volition, the short and long answer is no.

One looks in vain for any comparable studies in the “official” media where the only objective truth to emerge from an analysis of it, is the lack of any. However, the dawn of realization draws ever closer subsequent to analytical work of this quality and news of your efforts is spreading. Sooner or later the most profound of questions are going to be asked of the working people of this world and your organization is taking giant strides in that direction which provide the answers.

“Facts” wrote Trotsky “are an irresistible force. They speak with an eloquence far beyond the reach of mere words.” Clearly, this is a lesson not lost to all those comrades contributing so eloquently on the World Socialist Web Site.




17 May 2002

P.S. I read in today’s London edition of the Guardian that “Bush was given hijack alert before September 11”. Funny! I read the same thing on your web site months ago.


You have provided an invaluable resource in this age of corporate corrupted media. In light of corrupted media, I was wondering if you have any knowledge of connections between the major media companies such as AOL-Time-Warner, Bush and oil companies ... specifically ownership of media companies by oil conglomerates? I am trying to better understand the dynamics of how the truth is being suppressed.

I further wonder to what extent the Bush administration is using 9-11 as an excuse to censor media and using national security as justification. With all of the corruption occurring in our government right now, it blows me away that none of the major media outlets are covering Bush’s crimes, even in light of his alleged popularity.

I very much appreciate your time and consideration,


8 May 2002

Bravo for Chris Marsden’s article “ New York Times op-ed piece: another ‘nothing to hide’ apologia for Israeli war crimes.” This kind of penetrating demystification of prevailing ideology is the most important service that WSWS provides. RR

9 May 2002