Letters to the WSWS

Below we post a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “Israel on Jenin: ‘Nothing to hide’... but no one can look

Barry Grey’s eloquent title perfectly reflects the cynical attitude of Sharon and the Israeli government who know they are guilty of blatant war crimes and terrible human rights abuses against the Palestinian people not only in Jenin but on a daily basis in the rest of the occupied territories. The tragic irony of what is happening is that Sharon continues to get away with murder literally, thanks to the complicity and support of the Bush administration.

What is even more disappointing and sad is the deafening silence of the majority of the political and intellectual “elites” in Europe and the US conditioned or blackmailed as they are by an immoral, dominating and arrogant pro-Israeli lobby.

With best wishes,


1 May 2002

* * *

Gentlemen, another terrific article. It is difficult to understand how the American media is unable to see and understand what seems so obvious to me and the wsws.org. Is it still considered a sin in America to use your brains?


30 April 2002

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Dear Mr. Grey,

I agree wholeheartedly with what you say in this article. It’s a scandal and an outrage that the murderous Sharon should continue on his bloody warpath with impunity and that the United States media should persist in casting him as some sort of tragic hero while in reality he is a killer in the same manner as all of the ethnic cleansing monsters we have known in history. And it grieves me to listen to the news, day in and day out, droning on about poor Israel, desperately trying to prevent being “driven into the sea.” If anyone is being “driven” anywhere, it is the Palestinians. Driven into extinction.


San Francisco

30 April 2002

On “German school shooting exposes widespread social tensions

Well, this was a fantastic analysis of a truly mind-numbing event. The historical background illuminated the social ossification that helped to produce this pathetic young man who truly “lacked perspective.” The idea of the results of one lacking perspective never appears in the mainstream media, because they keep such perspective sealed out of their writing.

The WSWS has really opened my eyes to the virtue of taking a long view and coming to grips with such social disruption. Actually, this “disruption” is a part of the process of reaction and is part and parcel of the fear and disdain with which German society is being constructed. Profit drowning people may properly characterize the capital-driven policies, and the student, drowning in a sea of cold uncaring probably felt he must take a few of his tormentors (his teachers) down with him before the waters closed over his future.

His possession of powerful firearms was the predictable outcome of such a coldness in society that cares nothing for people who are less than dominant politically and economically. The firepower naturally fills the void of the sense of personal competence and ultimately redirects their efforts to destroying the obstacles, which impede their path to any happiness. It is unnerving, but nonetheless a welcome change to understand the results of being deprived of one’s perspective. Your article has given me a clear perspective on problems that exist in this country as well. I turn to your site to refresh my viewpoint on today’s events, and yesteryear’s as well.



29 April 2002

On “Washington rolls out the welcome mat for Malaysia’s Mahathir

Dear Editor,

I’m impressed with the coverage on “Washington rolls out the welcome mat for Malaysia’s Mahathir” by John Roberts on 25/4/2002. This analysis is good opportunity for all misguided Malaysians to see how billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money has been spent for government propaganda in the mass media. It also highlights the scheming censorship of the press to prevent the people from gaining useful information.

Recently, six detainees opposed to the Internal Security Act launched a hunger strike to oppose the use of detention without trial to stifle dissent—a favorite Mahathir weapon. The highly corrupted government has announced former Attorney General Abu Talib will head a human rights watchdog group, which has no inclination towards abolishing the ISA. He once said, while in office and ... arresting human rights activists in 1986, that the detention centers are like “A three-star hotel.”

I hope you can expose more of Mahathir’s corrupted, inefficient and criminal government, as this information needs to be circulated around Malaysia. Most Malaysians live in a culture of fear which the ruling government creates. The government is based on the Machiavellian view that it will cling to power no matter what it takes.

Mahathir has been clinging to power for 22 years and he has managed to coerce the judiciary. His increased popularity after the September 11 attacks will only be temporary because he cannot manage an economy in shambles, bailing out crony companies, the lack of press freedom, freedom of assembly and a minimum wage.

Keep up the good work to oust the remaining tin pot dictator of Asia.



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

29 April 2002

On “Milosevic and Sharon: when is a war criminal not a war criminal?

Excellent piece! But how was the US public so thoroughly duped; and where were our truth pursuers during this entire cruel and criminal Yugoslavia adventure? Surely, there had to be a highly developed public relations conspiracy orchestrated in the background. As an example, I recall that great pursuer of truth—Bill O’Reilly’s Factor program—lambasting and demonizing the Yugoslavian leadership and playing up justification for the US/NATO bombing of that sovereign country. And throughout that time there were several authors and historians presenting the opposing view (like your paper here) that never were interviewed or published in the major media outlets. It simply boggles the mind that such connivance and historical falsehood could become an acceptance as truth of the vast majority of Americans. Was this wholly a George Soros production in complicity with the Republican legislators and “fat cats”? And what of those liberal environmentalist groups: were they so much against the drilling for oil in the ANWR that they welcomed the deception for aggression in the Balkans so as to secure a foothold with our military presence to secure the Caspian Sea oil riches as an “acceptable alternative”? Could you research the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of that very successful PR action?


2 May 2002

I wish the team good health and vigor to carry on serving the great cause of informing people who have otherwise to listen to manufactured news.

Best wishes



29 April 2002

To whomever maybe reading this,

I have to say is your web site is one of the most educational I have come across since I have been using the Internet. I’m a 17-year-old high school student writing a thesis paper about how children should not be tried as adults. I typed juvenile justice in a search engine and your web site came up as a result. I read the amazing articles on my paper’s topic then went on to read more of the fascinating articles on this site.

Keep up the great work the people working for this site have produced.

Thank you for the great information it has told people.


29 April 2002