Letters on Bush and September 11

Below we post a selection of letters on the WSWS Editorial Board statement “Cover-up and conspiracy: The Bush administration and September 11 and the four-part series “Was the US government alerted to September 11 attack? by Patrick Martin.

Congratulations to the WSWS for being so far ahead of the game in its incisive analysis of the events leading up to and the aftermath of the events of 9-11. Almost as much as a scandal as the behavior of the administration is the behavior not only of the US corporate press, but of the corporate press throughout much of the developed world. In addition to the WSWS analysis, sufficient warning bells were rung by the October publication of The Forbidden Truth by Brisard and Dasquie, a book that received virtually no coverage at all in the US media (quite unlike a successor French book that made seemingly absurd allegations about the nonexistence of the plane that had been crashed into the Pentagon—a book that I suspect may have been intended or used as a decoy). The White House spokesman even denied knowledge of the Brisard and Dasquie book earlier this year. Hopefully there will be some progress now toward “linking the dot”’ further, including possibly to Enron and its New Delhi plant.


19 May 2002

I am a Korea war veteran and I was in Korea for a total of 19 months during the war. Because the news media, especially CNN, FOX, and MSNBC, do not see fit to criticize George W Bush, Dick Cheney, and the Bush administration, I think they should be blamed just as much as Bush if they knew beforehand that this bombing was going to take place. The New York Times knew about this and never released the story. I cannot figure out what kind of people we have in the media when they prefer to cover up for a president which can and did cost the lives of many American citizens on September 11, 2001. They need to be held accountable the same as the president and his administration.



Lexington, Kentucky

18 May 2002

To the Editorial Board:

The moment this story “broke” in the mainstream media, I had that sense of déja vu that wasn’t really déja vu. I had read all of this, and more, on the World Socialist Web Site last year! To followers of reports on the WSWS, this was old news and, for the corporate media moguls to act as though they are “shocked, shocked” by this “sudden revelation” is entirely disingenuous. For one thing, I don’t doubt that someone, somewhere in these huge “news” organizations monitors such sites as the WSWS and that, even if they dismissed it with their usual disdain as the work of “left-wing cranks,” they are surely not now expecting us to believe that such an accusation had never been made before? Congratulations to the WSWS for being vindicated, even in so left-handed a manner (no pun intended), by the anti-information crowd.


San Francisco

18 May 2002

To the WSWS Editorial Board,

Thanks for your excellent article “Cover-up and conspiracy: The Bush administration and September 11.” It seems the dam of deception may be cracking.

But this may be the most dangerous time in this whole drama. If what we suspect is true, the cornered beast could strike back with even more powerful weapons.


18 May 2002

A short note of thanks and encouragement to all that make WSWS possible as well as an unmeasured amount of thanks for its continued and persistence coverage of the pre- and post-events surrounding September 11. “Cover-up and Conspiracy” is what specifically sparked this email, but this has been an -mail that could have been sent several times previous.

Thank you.


18 May 2002

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your article about the cover up of 9/11 and the Bush regime cover-up. The news media are afraid to state facts in their articles because they know what will follow. Some of our TV programs, especially “Hannity and Colmes” on Fox cable, are a shame to the American people. Hannity can lambaste anyone that expresses an honest opinion about Bush. If he had his way he would have them before a firing squad. But mention Bill Clinton and Al Gore, he feels that he has the right to say anything he feels like saying.

Pat Robertson was on one show last night and made the statement that God sent George Bush to fight his battle to save the world. He was thankful that Al Gore was not the president to lead America. One goal of Bush’s is dictate, dominate or destroy... At present he is right on schedule.



18 May 2002

Dear Mr. Martin:

I find myself amused at the recent “revelations” from the White House that Bush was notified of some “threat” prior to 9/11. The four-part series in which you outline some of the evidence for a far greater knowledge on the part of the administration is both compelling and incredibly important. This information needs to get out. Is there any way this can get out into the more “mainstream” press. How can the information be disseminated more effectively?

Thank for you work.


17 May 2002

You were saying five months ago what the reporters are saying tonight! No one paid any attention to the warnings last year, and obviously, the “mainstream” news broadcasters didn’t pay any attention to your four columns. I guess that you could say, “I told you so!”


17 May 2002

How the American people put up with all these shenanigans by a Supreme Court-appointed president is difficult to understand and it is even more difficult to understand how the majority in the Congress go along with it. Of course most of them in Congress are milking 9/11 for all the dollars they can get for their own pork barrel.

In all reality America has lost its way . After nearly a year of lying about it he finally admits that he was informed that a plane hijacking was in the progress. But of course the admitting is loaded with lying again by him and his security advisor. What a joke, Security Advisor.

Appreciate receiving the daily WSWS. Keep up the good work.



17 May 2002

Just finished reading the news report on your web page, titled “Was the US government alerted to September 11 attack?” No doubt it was a well-researched masterpiece on the most current, historical, turning-point tragedy in world history.

Judging from the fact that it was posted on your web site by January 22, 2001, is a credit to your organization, if one pauses for a second, to take a look at the same news, now making headlines in the (controlled?) public press, today, four months after you.

As a source of rich information on the subject, I was wondering if your research could be deepened, even now that the press has woken up from their slumber, so as to unearth any cover-up, that other news journalists might feel handicapped to bring to press, for fear of job loss or corporate censorship/persecutions.


16 May 2002

“Was the US government alerted to the September 11 attack?” is the best and most comprehensive piece of journalism on 9/11 I have found on the net.



16 May 2002


I have just downloaded the entire series on the government’s lack of response to the warnings of the 9/11 attack. I will be copying and distributing it among friends and colleagues and emailing it to others to assure that it is disseminated and preserved.

Thank you for your work in writing this piece and your trust in the rest of us in sharing it. I know the day will come in years hence when my 15- and 13-year-old sons will read this as an archive. I can only hope that they will view it as the orthodox view of 9/11 and a reminder of the radicalism of their father.


New York

9 May 2002