Letters on the September 11 cover-up

Below we post a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

Barry Grey’s article: “Why is the New York Times defending Bush’s September 11 cover-up?” is the most forthright account of (a) the collaboration of mainstream media in this country with evil, and (b) the conspiracy of the unelected government, ever to be published. You have hit the nail on its head.

Not that Mr. Grey is the only person to know the truth of the situation but we, in this country, the bastion of freedom of speech, cannot dare to say anything, even remotely near in public. The writer and your paper have done a great service to this “democracy.” As a journalist myself, I can tell you that more than half this country commend you for echoing our thoughts for us in this land of freedom and liberty.


New York

29 May 2002

A comment on September 11 cover-up, and the grim reapers. Incredulously the news media present us with camouflage that the politicians and CIA knew nothing prior about this tragic event. We are presented with a cover that the CIA are almost passive, as if they sit in space twiddling their thumbs. However almost since their genesis one of their main objectives is to infiltrate into and derail organizations like the Taliban if it suits the economic and political interests at stake. An important sphere of influence over the past and present period has been Afghanistan. The present oil pipeline passing through this region and getting the oil to market would require long-term assurances by the security agencies and their control over this volatile region.

The CIA funding over the last few years has been in the order of $26 billion for 1997 and again in 1998; probably similar or increasing in the last few years. They have eight offices in the central Asian region and these offices recruit infiltrators and spies. They work worldwide with foreign intelligence services, which also snoop, penetrate and share information. If they could not penetrate they would be useless and their resources would not be massive. Apart from other intelligence services warning them that an operation was being mounted, they would have their own ears into the Taliban.

What if the truth came out that proved more powerful than all the devious embellishments from the spin-doctors and damage control?


23 May 2002

Dear Mr. Grey,

Another excellent article. You could have, however, focused a little more attention to the issue presented in the third and fourth paragraphs; i.e., how was the Bush administration planning to implement the war plans it had drawn up prior to September 11? Obviously, the reasonable conclusion(s) that can be drawn from the known facts suggest a different reason for the 9/11 incident than the official version of events.



San Diego, California

28 May 2002

What conspiracy theory sounds more plausible to you?

Twenty-one men were lucky enough for the US military and various intelligence agencies to have a massive breakdown in intelligence ALL AT THE SAME TIME and thus these 21 men were able to accomplish 9/11.

Or, the US military and various intelligence agencies let or planned this to happen to advance various issues of the Republican and military agenda.

Please investigate the military and the intelligence agencies, don’t let them get away with this.


28 May 2002

Dear Patrick,

Thanks for your excellent article [“September 11 cover-up crumbles: Who was covering for Moussaoui, and why?”] pointing out the glaring contradictions of the massive official campaign of lying and deceit surrounding this crucially important issue.



30 May 2002

Dear WSWS Editors:

Thank you for your masterfully crafted editorial [“Government by provocation: Bush administration escalates terror warnings”].

You speak truths that no media outlet and no Democrat dares to speak. I have ceased even opening Democrats.com mailings. They are cowards and turncoats who seek to work within a system that is morally bankrupt.

Like most Americans in their middle years, I grew up thinking “socialism” was, next to “communism”, the worst evil plaguing the human race. What naive fools we were. How skillfully was the propaganda web woven in postwar America.

As you point out, it is the United States of America that is destabilizing the entire world now. George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld were rattling sabers and talking about dismissing the SALT arrangement and preparing for nuclear war six months before 9/11. They were a war seeking a theater from the moment they moved into Washington.

What you write and post is what I feel and believe and I would devote the remainder of my years to this cause if I knew how to help. I am sick of George W. Bush’s America.


24 May 2002

Excellent article and honest compelling analysis: the realistic scenario you are describing is frightening indeed and the only way to challenge US power and arrogance is for truly civilized and honest people everywhere, particularly in Europe and the US, to unite in the defense of real democracy, social justice and freedom of expression, all of which are being continuously eroded by a corrupt political establishment and a monopolistic and manipulating media that are clearly in the service not of the people but of the ruling elite and of the pro-Israel lobby.



24 May 2002

As an American the terrorist attacks were a great loss, but the war the US is declaring on the world is an outrage. We must bring these people to justice but there is a right way and there is a wrong. We are so far from the right way that there is no name for the path the US took. It all boils down to that fact that if the US had better relations with the Arab world we might be able to take care of this like it should have been, diplomatically. Now the press is reporting that the president had knowledge of a terror attack—it makes me wonder why? Just a few days ago the president announced there would be more terrorist attacks and that the government is powerless to stop it. If the government of the most powerful nation in the world can’t protect its people, what hope is there for the rest of the world. That also brings up the point of what good is the US government if it cannot protect its citizens?


26 May 2002

Dear Friends,

Thanks for all the great articles exposing US government and corporate media lies and cover-ups. My father was a 30-year veteran of the US military who rose up through the ranks and saw it all, including covert operations he had to participate in. He told our family that his years in the military taught him at least 4 truths:

(1)The U.S. government and its ruling oligarchy has supported fascism all over the world and actively opposes democracy—economic, social and political—everywhere; (2)The last government in the world that any thinking person should believe is the U.S government; (3) That there is no “conservative” media and there is no “liberal” media—it is only the corporate media; (4) That the famous American comedian Will Rogers’ definition of patriotism needs to be updated. Rogers said that patriotism is “the last refuge of a scoundrel.” My father said “patriotism is the first refuge of a scoundrel. And there are plenty of them.”

He also encouraged us kids to participate in opposing the kind of wars and nightmare world that the transnational corporations want and are subjecting us to and to support people all over the world who are fighting for a better kind of future that encompasses economic, social and political democracy. Because he came from an immigrant family, he also understood how the rulers try to divide us against each other based on religious, ethnic or linguistic differences. We must reject racism, xenophobia and intolerance. The glue that holds us together and keeps us fighting for a better world is the idea that a better world is possible. That better world can only be based on socialism, working class democracy and vigorous accountability on the part of our leaders and ourselves. Human beings have a great potential for good—we have shown this many times and in many places—and we must reject the kind of world that the capitalists are constructing that is attempting to seduce or force humanity to “the dark side of the force.”



20 May 2002

I just want to take the opportunity to congratulate you on the quality and objectivity of your reporting. The articles on Bush and Cheney’s criminality were outstanding. I rather doubt that Dubya was in on the planning of 9/11 ... he’s just too stupid to trust: but I suspect that Cheney was one of the masterminds. My problem with my Republican friends is that they don’t want to hear it; and when they see the source is from “ungodly socialists” they dismiss it all immediately. Three generations of bad food, poor education and inane TV programming are paying dividends for the neo-Nazis who have been trying to take over this country since the Second World War (Prescott Bush was one of them). Keep up the good work. Light will eventually penetrate the darkness


20 May 2002

Dear Editor,

The WSWS, as pointed out in the article, has for several months been posing crucial questions about the September 11 attack on the WTC and Pentagon, especially the extent to which the Bush administration was aware of the impending action. Through consistent application of the Marxist method of analysis, the WSWS has uncovered the underlying linkages between September 11, the deepening economic and social crisis in the US, the theft of the 2000 elections, the war in Afghanistan and the oil and mineral resources of Central Asia. The WSWS has also demonstrated that the “War on Terror,” attacks on democratic freedoms and the destruction of social welfare measures worldwide, are of a piece with the agenda of the major powers; namely, the promotion of the interests of the economic and political elite in those countries.

This type of rigorous analysis can be found nowhere else. The WSWS offers an unparalleled political education for those seeking to understand the world that they live in.


20 May 2002