Letters to the WSWS

Below we post a selection of recent letters to the WSWS.

This is a terrific article [“Why is the New York Times defending Bush’s September 11 cover-up?”], Mr. Grey. I just wish there were some way to get it published verbatim in the (corrupt) US corporate owned press! Of course that is impossible in this bastion of cynical hypocrisy, but I can dream, can’t I? Thanks for writing what needed to be said!



12 June 2002

I always thought fascism would come to America wrapped in an American flag and thumping the bible. Forms are important. After the fall of the Roman Republic, the emperors kept the senate around for centuries. Occasionally they even allowed it to irritate them a little. Let’s see: they have a Supreme Court, which will uphold any filth as cleanliness, a Congress which is petrified of being labeled “unpatriotic” and, joyously, we have a free press which writes what it is told and pretends that lies are the truth.


10 June 2002

Welfare reform is needed. How will we afford Anti-Ballistic Missile defense systems, domestic spy agencies, anti-Taliban frogmen units, military tribunals, and cruise missiles for Cuba unless we tighten up the belts of the poor? I am just not seeing any other way around this.


13 June 2002

Have been reading your web site for about a year and really enjoy it! Your articles are very informative and your topics are quite visionary. Thanks so much, for the FACTS! Have a great day!


11 June 2002

Dear editors:

First of all I want to applaud you for your excellent article [Bush speaks at West Point: from containment to “rollback”]! Your analysis of the history the American ruling elite’s imperialist agenda is spot on as usual.

Even though I’m not a religious man, I thank God every day for the WSWS. In a world where the governments of nation-states, (primarily the most depraved one of the United States), have gone completely insane it is a major comfort for me that the WSWS provides a strong voice of love, affinity and compassion for humanity. Its relentless support of the planetary working class is the light in the tunnel that helps me cope with the foul stench emanating from Washington DC where crazed sociopaths, which make up 98 percent of the ruling elite, strive to destroy us all and everything that is good, beautiful and decent in this world.

Everyone at WSWS and their hard work in spreading The Truth renews my spirit and re-charges me to take up the good fight!




4 June 2002

Dear WSWS:

Bono is a rich hypocritical limousine liberal. I would love to take a peek at his investment portfolio. I guarantee that many companies that have helped enlarge his portfolio are just waiting to invest in Africa for its cheap labor and lack of human rights. Mr. Bono is an idiot and does not care about the plight of working people or understand what “globalization” can or can’t do to alter the plight of poor people. I suggest he give his vast wealth to the needy to help rebuild villages, etc.

P.S. I wonder if he spoke to the Africans picking flowers. Does he care that they have no benefits and low salaries? Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the companies that manufacture his records are the first ones to “invest” in Africa. Cheap overhead costs—more profits for Bono and other “CEOs.”


This is an excellent article [“Vietnam charges ex-Senator Bob Kerrey with war crimes”]. The Nazis running the empire think they can rape, cripple, and slaughter anyone in the world that they feel like. There is no respect for the rule of law whatsoever. Nobody is safe as long as the butchers of Vietnam are allowed to walk among us.

Kerry, Reagan, the entire Bush crime family, CIA officials, and all the military officers involved in the Vietnam atrocity should be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

That would be a good beginning to a real “war on terrorism.”

Keep up the good work. Take care.


9 June 2002


It seems rather incredible that the FBI/CIA failed to “connect the dots” on September 11, and yet the US invaded Afghanistan moments after the atrocities based on what it claimed to its coalition partners was high-quality intelligence about Al Qaeda activities.


9 June 2002

Thank you so much for this editorial on the opening of the September 11 investigation hearings [“September 11 hearings begin: Bush, Congress seek whitewash of government role”]. As a Floridian I am familiar with both Goss and Graham. Goss came out early on against any investigation. Graham is a coward and a knave.

During the recount here in Florida there were threats made against the lives of South Florida Congressional Reps and there were death threats against the Supreme Court and its staff. In fact members of the staff were told not to leave their children unprotected. We also had the fascist tactic of Sen. Lott’s Gucci Gestapo raiding the Miami elections office. While all this, and more, was going on, not a peep from Sen. Graham. He kept his mouth shut in the interest of not disturbing his political base among the Cubans (who also were called into the streets).

So, as you so clearly put it, there is no hope of an independent investigation, much less one that would find anything. The Warren Commission lives on as a massive cover-up. The recently disclosed Nixon comments deriding the report supports this.

Thanks again. I always read your report first.



5 June 2002

I am a new person to computers and thank god I discovered ’em. I was beginning to think my friends were right, saying I was a conspiracy nut. That is ’til I found your site!

Bush’s “war on terrorism” is nothing less than terrorism itself. Could the inference be that he not only ignored warnings that it might happen, but that he let it happen? Thank you for your articles.

My own country Australia is a party to this farce of the “war on terrorism” and recently cut funding to disabled welfare to pay for its part in Bush’s war.

Yours faithfully,


4 June 2002

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed Mr. Isaacs article, however I was dismayed to discover no explanation or background concerning UI. Perhaps it’s time for another in-depth article on Unemployment Insurance, like your piece “The shredding of the US ‘safety net’” from April 2001? Since they’ve changed the rules and the thresholds on UI, even though the comparison stated we’re at the highest rate now, that’s like comparing apples and oranges. A real comparison on an equal level would go a long way in explaining this crisis.

Too many of the former workers are falling through the cracks, while the executives are at their highest level of compensation and parachutes. Isn’t it time to tell the real story? Just like the Enron debacle, there’s far too much greed and manipulations going on.

The excuse of “jobs” is often used by corporations in order to justify all the breaks and allowances made. Just like pollution, nobody is pointing out the hidden costs and lies behind these falsehoods.

I enjoy your web site and find many interesting pieces. Keep up the good work!


5 June 2002

Dear WSWS Editor,

I was very pleased and thankful for reading the April 29 WSWS article by Ulrich Rippert about the recent school tragedy in Germany [“German school shooting exposes widespread social tensions”]. Unlike politicians, the WSWS was able to account for the allegedly “isolated” event in modern civilized German society. I would like to praise the courage and skill of the WSWS to address, identify, point out and explain the reasons behind such a sad event.

Correctly, the main burden of responsibility is to be borne by the current social conditions in highly competitive Germany. Extreme individualism, high productivity and the pursuit of an ambitious professional career are demanded of (and produced by) its citizens in order to be socially successful, useful and meaningful.

Today’s youth generation in Germany is raised with those values in mind which result in the crude materialism widely observed and which exerts a high price in the intellectual, cultural, social and thus the mental health of its citizens.

As a young nuclear engineer, who moved to Germany as a green card IT specialist, I have learned the hard way the German way of life: money, materialism, career, professional success, above any trace of humanity, are becoming too often the only option to survive in such a violent “dog eat dog” environment.

Your avid reader,



8 June 2002