Letters to the World Socialist Web Site

Correspondence on the Middle East

Dear writers and journalists of the World Socialist Web Site,

Mr. Marsden’s article, condemning both the Israeli massacre of civilians in Jenin and the subsequent UN response, is another brilliant example of the critical analysis this web site has consistently offered. Not only has Marsden skillfully collected and prepared an otherwise dispersed body of knowledge, knowledge necessary to understand these events, he has also explained their significance in world politics overall.

Such an exposure of the criminal influence imperialism and class society has upon international politics requires a tempered and objective approach, and is demonstrated by the World Socialist Web Site in this and many other articles. Rather than gathering from such frank assessments a bleak outlook, I have instead been inspired by your honesty and by your advocating of a realistic political and social alternative. Only here have I found analysis that consciously avoids nationalistic hatred or blame, and, consequently, only here am I able to arrive at an optimistic conclusion concerning humanity’s future.

I cannot thank you enough for the hope that your work has given to me, and, perhaps, to millions more.

* * *

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is now overseeing the destruction of Israel. Every anti-Semitic person must be delighted with his performance. He is achieving what all the Arab-Israeli wars failed to do. With the help of President George W. Bush and the hawks in the Pentagon he cannot fail.


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I just want to thank you for your posting. It is a nutshell of the Israeli-Palestinian debacle. I can relate to it because I have read the events in some of the newspapers. Thanks again.

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I read the article “Amnesty International reports widespread human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia”. It is a first step towards educating people about what really happens there.

I lived there for 10 years. I’m 18 now and live in my home country, the United Kingdom. So I spent a lot of my “growing up life” there, in Riyadh mainly. A lot of sick things go on there, which people wouldn’t even believe.

After reading your article, I wasn’t even taken aback. I have a hundred stories about what happens in prisons, what police do in real life, what authority the religious police really have.

I want to see more like this uncovering the truth behind KSA’s [Kingdom of Saudi Arabia] human rights abuse. People have no rights there in KSA, unless they are white, Western, either Canadian, American or British etc.

I really want to see more. I think it’s sick that its still hidden, what goes on there. It’s like Afghanistan.

Thank You,


Correspondence on the Balkans

Many thanks for Tony Robson’s article on UN complicity in human trafficking in Bosnia. I also followed the link at the end of the article—Bosnia four years after the Dayton Accord—and was very much impressed by the clear, uncompromised analysis of the state of affairs in the erstwhile Yugoslavia.

The dismemberment of Yugoslavia certainly ranks as one of the great crimes of this era, but virtually no one is reporting it for what it is. Whilst Slobodan Milosevic has been depicted as a ‘new Hitler’, the actions of the US and European powers bear much closer resemblance to those of the Nazi government on the eve of World War II, particularly if one bears in mind the Nazi desire to forcibly partition countries such as Czechoslovakia and Poland.

The “peace” in Bosnia, as the World Socialist Web Site has pointed out, barely conceals deadly undercurrents of criminality, corruption and communal hatred. The mind boggles when one considers the absolute recklessness of the Great Powers in their dealings in the Balkans. We could yet see the unleashing of forces that will have catastrophic consequences not only for the people of that region, but for the whole of mankind.

I would venture to suggest that the many excellent articles on the smashing of Yugoslavia that have appeared on the World Socialist Web Site should be compiled in one publication. This would serve as an excellent and authoritative source for those who wish to peer beneath the veil of deceit and lies that has been cast over the whole sordid saga. The World Socialist Web Site has performed an invaluable service in the preservation and recording of historical truth.



* * *

Dear World Socialist Web Site editorial,

I would like to compliment you on the excellent articles that you are producing. Your point of view provides an excellent alternative to that presented by other media in Australia that usually recycles the mainstream American media’s stories. As a Serb I am especially glad about your objective representation of the Yugoslav situation and the Milosevic trial.

Keep doing the good work!

Yours sincerely,


* * *

It appears that the Racak provocation bares some similarity with the famous “concentration camp” in Bosnia. Moreover, the incident of the market bombing in Sarajevo was immediately blamed on the Serbs, but this was proven false by the UN and French military experts findings that the Bosnians fired on their own people. Corrections in the press are very rare. Congratulations on an authentic piece of work.


Subject: James Bulger article

Thank you for your informative and more compassionate version of this case. I did a search in response to a “petition email” circulating in hopes of seeing a more balanced view of this case. Your article certainly gave me healthy food for thought.

Thank you,


Subject: Grace Pailthorpe

Many thanks for a splendid article of [British surrealist artist] Grace Pailthorpe.

My wife and I are friends of Grace’s grand niece, Major Freida Pailthorpe of the Salvation Army, who attended the exhibition at the Portman Clinic on 19th July.