Letters from our readers

Below we publish a selection of recent letters to the WSWS.

There is no country in the world that has more weapons of mass destruction than our country. We can destroy the entire world several times over if we were attacked with any weapon of mass destruction. If any country with nuclear destructive capability so much as lights a match to threaten us, we could incinerate the country and its people in short order. To tell us we should send our sons and daughters to Iraq as a preventive measure against a preemptive strike is the height of absurdity.

27 August 2002

You’re more than accurate. The whole thing goes even greater than that. Iraq going into Kuwait was a staged event also to give the US an opportunity to put the sizeable number of troops it had been trying to place for decades. A simple matter of Iraq paying the US back for the support provided during the Iraq-Iran war.

But.... There’s another question I don’t hear asked: Who trained bin-Laden?

The spooks trained him when the US was supporting Afghanistan against the Russians. Notice you don’t hear anything from the guys who were advisers in Afghanistan while that was going on?

Who built the camps that were used to train all the others? Same answer. Those were the training camps the spooks built to train that bunch to operate against the Russians in the first place.

I don’t suppose the American people would be too excited to learn we trained the guy in the first place.

Hope this finds you well.


30 August 2002

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Just wanted to say “thank you” for your contribution. It is very rare that one comes across commentary and analysis that mirrors his/her own thinking and indeed goes beyond that, illuminating entities and events not only with unusual clarity and insight, but also in the framework of a truly historical perspective and without self-censure in regard to the range of opinions and ideas that are put forth.

This is made all the more noteworthy in light of the general media’s coverage of such debacles as the Clinton impeachment hearings, the Elian Gonzales affair, and the ongoing Enron/WorldCom (and others) corporate scandals (not to mention the Supreme Court ruling on the 2002 election). Words like “servile,” “incompetent,” and “corrupt” spring to mind when considering the media’s role in covering these and other news “items.” The truly sad and amazing thing is that they do this on a regular basis, and with more or less total impunity.

So, thank you for your unswerving devotion to principle and to an examination of all available facts; due to your unmatched analysis of the above mentioned events, I have decided to further explore the ideology upon which it has been based. Keep up the good work!



27 August 2002