WSWS & SEP (Australia) public lecture in Melbourne

Why the Bush administration wants war

As preparations are made for yet another major American military action—the fifth in less than a decade—the media bombards the public with empty phrases (“weapons of mass destruction”) that explain nothing about the historical background of the US-Iraqi conflict or the social interests that determine US foreign policy. And yet, without any serious public examination of the motives behind the drive to war, the Bush administration, with the unconditional support of the Howard and Blair governments, is about to launch an invasion that will implicate the American, British and Australian people in the killing of countless thousands of Iraqis. The long-term consequences could well prove catastrophic for the entire world.

Nick Beams, editorial board member of the World Socialist Web Site and SEP national secretary, will deliver a lecture on the nature and historical background of America’s war aims, followed by general discussion.

Tuesday, October 29, 7:30pm—9:00pm
Richmond Library
415 Church Street, Richmond
(Cnr Church and Swan Streets)
Melway ref: 2H A10
$4/$2 concession

For more information, write to the Socialist Equality Party, sep@sep.org.au or phone (02) 9790 3511.