Letters on "Bush picks Kissinger to head official probe: new stage in the September 11 cover-up"

Below we post a selection of letters on “Bush picks Kissinger to head official probe: new stage in the September 11 cover-up.

Your article is so right, it’s like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank. Kissinger should be by rights behind bars for his war crimes, it’s no wonder the US will not join the international crime body, there would be no one in government. Australia’s Defense Minister Hill and his mob will be so embarrassed if nothing is found in Iraq. But Murder Incorporated, the CIA, will come up with something to justify an invasion.


28 November 2002

Bravo for your splendid article. I fully agree with your appropriate description of this evil man whose victims run in millions across the globe!


28 November 2002

I miss the news for one day, and look what happens. When I heard that Kissinger had been appointed to chair the 9/11 investigation, I thought it had to be a joke. It is perhaps the most insane choice possible.

All the sources I have found have implied that it is a choice that will deliberately lead to a cover-up Yet it’s worse than that. I’m sure the Bush administration could have found a non-famous person who would be just as committed to a cover-up, if that was what they wished. Choosing Kissinger is like a deliberate insult. Was that the intent? And if not, then what were they thinking?

What really bothers me is that there are probably people making decisions that determine the course of the entire world who are thinking (without irony) that Henry Kissinger is just the right man for the job. There are people who think (without malice) that more of Henry Kissinger is just what is needed in these troubled times. I bet these people sleep well at night.


1 December 2002

Thanks for speaking the truth about H. Kissinger.


28 November 2002

To the Editorial Board:

Your statement—“This political record gives Kissinger’s selection to head a commission of inquiry, purportedly aimed at discovering the truth of September 11, the combined character of political provocation and farce”—could not be truer. When I heard the news, I didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or burst into tears. What did emerge from me was the sort of sound associated with a cat on the verge of ejecting a very large hairball.

But I then realized that I should have been able to predict that Kissinger would be the very man for the Bush administration to select for this whitewash. They had to answer to the families of the victims of the September 11 attacks and to the clamoring of the public for an investigation without incriminating themselves. The perfect man. A burglar and a murderer. But the very fact that the New York Times can still describe Kissinger as a man who “has been one of the most respected but polarizing figures in foreign policy” and “a towering intellect in foreign policy” as they do on the front page of today’s paper, demonstrates their fervent wish to gain the confidence of those people who still believe these statements to be true.


28 November 2002