Letters on "September 11 widow condemns US war plans"

Below we post a selection of letters on our December 2 article, September 11 widow condemns US war plans.

Unlike Jessica Murrow, I knew none of those killed on 9/11. Like Jessica I, within days of the attack, began questioning “why” this tragedy occurred. I found, and continue to find, the media to be grossly negligent in informing the general public as to the history leading up to the apparently not-totally-unexpected-by-US intelligence murder of so many civilians going about their daily business. I, too, find it way past “horrific” that the US government has used the tragedy to arouse a fearful constituency to support a war whose primary purpose is cloaked in verbiage intended to conceal morally reprehensible goals.

I am proud to be a subscriber of a site who publishes such a worthy article as the one of 2 December 2002.

Thank you.

San Diego, California

3 December 2002


You just let Jessica speak, speak for Steve, for herself. THANK YOU. I will pass this article around and I will start visiting your site, as this was the first I’d heard of it.

I am friend of Jessica’s and had known Steve for many years. I also knew Chris Carstanjen, his dancing teammate who was on Flight 175. After 9/11, and after Jessica’s interview with Barbara Walters, I vented the helplessness of my grief in the small verse below.

Again, thanks for an excellent article.

For Steve and Chris
I lost two friends
In the terrorists’ hell;
One in the tower,
One on the plane.
And this I can say
From knowing them well:
They could never bear innocents
Killed in their name.


2 December 2002

My sincere gratitude goes to Bill Vann for his uncompromising and uncensored reportage of Jessica Murrow’s reflections of her deceased husband Steve Adams and on the corruption of US politics and self-regulated censorship of mass media. The present situation would make the Founding Fathers weep and angry in shame at the betrayal of their vision for genuine liberty and democracy in America without the corrupting influence of the plutocracy.

You must expect the corporate media to censor views that question the US government’s conduct as the innately biased American media remains loyal to the agenda of the industrial-military complex. This sector of the government is vying for the opportune time to wage war while destroying civil liberties under the pretext of “war on terrorism.”

Steve was a conscientious and truly patriotic man who died for nothing but the hatred of the fundamentalists in the Middle East as a result of US imperialistic ambition, in undying alliance with Israel, to “tame” the Arab countries for black gold and power under the guise of promoting democracy.


2 December 2002

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your article allowing the 9/11 widow to express her feelings and attitudes to an international audience. Of all the media pieces conveying the perspectives of the victims of the 9/11 attacks, yours was the only one that moved me emotionally. Unlike everything else I have heard, seen, or read on the 9/11 tragedy, your article did not feel like it had an agenda. It fairly and honestly conveyed one victim’s feelings and reactions.

Appreciatively yours,


2 December 2002

Jessica Murrow is an amazingly strong and adamant woman. I am filled with admiration for her struggle for justice and knowledge, her insistence on discovering the truth behind the events that took her beloved husband from her, her refusal to be patronized, fobbed off, or erased from the nightly news. Moreover, I understand the effect the World Socialist Web Site has on people who are drowning in confusion, outrage, disbelief and misery and searching for some clarity to assist them in finding themselves in the chaos. The first time I came to the site I left feeling as if my head had been cleaned and that I really was living amongst sentient beings.

I salute Jessica Murrow and wish her well.


San Francisco

2 December 2002

Thank you for the article about the September 11 widow who is appalled by the US plans for war. It is no surprise that the media didn’t want others to hear her words about the underlying causes for the September 11 attacks and her plea for the US not to kill innocent people in an act of revenge. This woman represents the values that the US should stand for.


British Columbia

2 December 2002