Public meetings in Britain on the tasks facing the antiwar movement

The mass demonstrations that took place across the world over the weekend of February 15-16 represent a historic turning point.

Defying frenzied propaganda in support of US-led plans for an invasion of Iraq, some 10 million people poured onto the streets of towns and cities across the globe in a massive display of human solidarity against war.

The largely spontaneous mobilisations not only revealed the lack of any popular support for war, but also exposed the huge political, social and moral chasm between the ruling elite and the mass of the people.

A new international social movement against imperialism is emerging. Its further development and success requires above all an independent socialist perspective to ensure that it does not become trapped behind the dead end of support for one or another group of imperialist powers or the United Nations.

The Socialist Equality Party of Britain is hosting a series of public meetings to discuss the significance of this movement and the programme that is required. We invite all those interested in debating these issues to attend.


Sunday March 9, 3.00pm
Room 2B, University of London Union,
Malet Street, WC1
(Nearest tube Euston Square)

Wednesday March 12, 7.30pm
Steve Biko Room, Sheffield Hallam Students Union,
Nelson Mandela Building,
Pond Street, S1

Tuesday March 18, 7.00pm
International Society, William Kay House,
327 Oxford Road (opposite Manchester University Students Union)