Letters on “Bush White House in crisis over Iraq war lies”

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Below we post a selection of recent letters on “Bush White House in crisis over Iraq war lies” by Patrick Martin. http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/jul2003/iraq-j14.shtml

Dear Mr. Martin:

When I saw Condoleezza Rice doing more verbal dancing around what the British alleged on the TV July 13 (without any note of her continued insolence), I could only shake my head at the sorry state of television journalism (sic), so, even though it’s not in the broadcast medium, bravo to you for calling Rice on her verbal dance within your article, “Bush White House in crisis over Iraq war lies.” An excellent all-round synopsis of the ongoing deceit.

Further re: Tenet: events surrounding the CIA director inspired me to reflect back to Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, and a White House parallel to Mark Antony’s inability to fall on his own sword at mea culpa time.



14 July 2003

* * *

Another excellent article that tells it like it is. Cheney, Bush, Rice, Powell, Rumsfeld and all the neo-cons are liars. They all knew this and other propaganda they were pushing was false. They were not about to let the truth stand in their way for war. And the propaganda presstitute media all fell over themselves trying to outdo each other in spreading this gangster regime’s lies. They are all traitors and war criminals—impeachment for their crimes is actually too lenient a sentence but is the minimum required to prevent more traitorous criminal acts by them.


14 July

* * *

The media in this country is so contemptible that I like many others simply don’t watch TV or support the mainstream print. Thank you, WSWS, for your analysis.


14 July 2003

* * *

A very good article. I wish it could be printed on the front page of every newspaper. Somehow the American people have got to wake up and realize that Bush tells the public what he wants them to hear and it does not matter if it is the truth or a lie.

I get the impression from him that if you do not believe him and go along with what he wants then you are considered a traitor to your country.

The average citizen who was against the Iraq war is afraid to speak out for fear someone will report them as anti-American. Bush has turned this country into a people with a herd mentality except for the silent majority.


15 July 2003

* * *

Dear Editor,

I am very pleased to read your courageous articles illustrating the essence of the US administration’s lies. My generation started the process to withdraw from further accepting American leadership and started to “reorganize” the world. Please keep up the exemplary work .


14 July 2003

* * *

Great Article. It’s about time the American people find out the truth about Idiot Bush.


14 July 2003

* * *

Dear Mr. Martin,

So, Tenet is another man forced to fall on his sword to protect the likes of Rice, Cheney and Bush! The flimsiness of this latest cover up is such that anyone not hypnotized by the mass media propaganda sees that the emperor is very, very naked indeed. But of course, the pack of newshounds baying the Bush line at one and all have done faithful service by keeping the average citizen from getting anywhere near the wizard’s curtain, much less allowing them a peep at the man inside. Meanwhile, to cover their lies, the Bush administration falls back on that old Stalinist standby: the purge. Tenet’s mea culpa is just the beginning, one senses.

And let us not forget the chilling spectacle of that State of the Union address, with the claque and brass popping up with applause at every stumbling word like so many automatons at a court masque for their Sun King. The smell of sycophancy was as inescapable as that of rotting vegetables in the gutter. And there stood the Democrats, only just avoiding pulling their forelocks like villeins or—if you like another a more procreative metaphor—like a flock of nervous debutantes who have been compromised by one of the local gentry and who are desperately hoping for the promised wedding before their condition becomes unmistakable. Unfortunately for them, the culprit has “moved on.”

What now will they use as an excuse for their generous support for the war? “The Devil made me do it”?


San Francisco

14 July 2003