Letters from our readers

Below we post a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “The Times’ Thomas Friedman on Iraq: spreading ‘democracy’ with missiles and lies

Dear Bill Vann,

Thank you for your article on that awful satrap of the ruling junta, Thomas Friedman. I’ve stopped reading the New York Times long ago, except when necessary to deal with the brutal lies. Friedman’s venomous collusion with the status quo exemplifies just what you point out: the increasing reliance by a desperate ruling elite on agents of propaganda who are naked opportunists—the petit bourgeois who aspire to join the know-nothing nouveaux riche class, so abundantly dominant in this fast-track, neo-imperialist phase of American capitalism.

Thank you for the analysis. Much appreciated,


22 July 2003

* * *

Thanks for another wonderfully stinging attack on Friedman—very gratifying.

I appreciate your regular analyses of his work, because in his blundering way he seems like a very dangerous force, one who demands constant attention, unfortunately, if only for the purpose of constantly rebutting his immoralities and banalities.




22 July 2003

* * *

Dear Mr. Marsden,

Your article today “Blair addresses US Congress: ovations fail to dispel storm clouds of crisis” was damn good! Keep up the good work! You are 100% correct when you say that the prime minister and the US president cannot tell the truth about their policies because their policies are intended to benefit the capitalist class at the expense of the working class! This is directly applicable to the lies pervading arguments for tax cuts.



21 July 2003

* * *

If you hate this country so much, why don’t you get out? Bush has done everything he can to make the United States a safer place for all of us. Stop your complaining and do something yourself that is going to make this country a better place. You people are still sore that you lost your socialist president Clinton.


22 July 2003

* * *

I enjoyed this web site—I agree with you. I like to see that there are intelligent Americans here with me. The majority believe everything that comes from George Bush and the government—and it’s sad, really. All they do is lie and “spin” things to get the “correct” response from the people. It’s all psychology. Wow, it’s cool to read your diary of GB’s lies. GB is a puppet. He is a complete idiot.

Bye now,


22 July 2003

* * *

On “US troops voice anger at Pentagon

Great article. Shows how the government really supports our troops—it doesn’t. The Cheney/Bush junta just view the troops as expendable resources to implement their imperialistic plans.

I had contacted my US senators at the end of March requesting that they withdraw our troops because it was not in America’s short-term or long-term interest to wage this unjust and illegal war. I got back the lame response of we must “support our troops” now. So I came up with a support our troops rationale that I sent to my US senators.

I at first had reservations with your “support our troops” statement. But after further consideration I believe it is exactly what we need. Let me explain what I do and don’t support so that there can be no doubt about the meaning of “support our troops.”

I do NOT support our troops carrying out illegal and immoral imperial conquests for an unelected regime that stole political power.

I do NOT support our troops shedding their blood so that Bush, Cheney, Rice and their corporate cronies can pillage the resources of the conquered colonies.

I do NOT support our troops dying for the security of foreign powers.

I do NOT support our troops being butchered for some private neo-con agenda.

I do NOT support our troops being used as cannon fodder to advance the political agenda of the criminal Cheney/Bush junta.

I do SUPPORT OUR TROOPS coming home so that they can be with their loved ones, be taken out of harm’s way, and where they can defend America.

I do SUPPORT OUR TROOPS deserting their posts just as the deserter-in-chief did during the Vietnam War.

I do SUPPORT OUR TROOPS ignoring illegal and immoral commands to commit acts of aggression against innocent civilians.

I do SUPPORT OUR TROOPS complying with all international laws regarding the occupation of a foreign country.

I do SUPPORT OUR TROOPS getting all the medical support they require to help them overcome the tremendous physical and emotional scars this needless, unnecessary, illegal and immoral war has caused to their lives.

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS ! Anything less is unpatriotic and un-American!



21 July 2003