Candidate’s statement of John Christopher Burton

The WSWS is publishing here the candidate’s statement submitted to the California secretary of state by John Christopher Burton. Under the rules set forth by the secretary of state’s office for the October 7 election, candidate’s statements must be written in the first person and not exceed 250 words. Candidates are limited to setting forward their qualifications and are not permitted to refer specifically to other candidates running in the election.

I am a civil rights attorney in Pasadena. My 25-year practice in California has been devoted to the defense of working people victimized by police misconduct and discrimination. I am also a political activist who supports the policies of the Socialist Equality Party.

My experience has made me aware of the economic and social problems confronting working people in California and the human costs of the state’s budget crisis. I oppose all measures that propose to solve this crisis by placing new burdens on working people and small business owners. This crisis is caused by federal and state policies that serve the interests of multibillion-dollar corporations and the extremely wealthy. The recall campaign, which I oppose, is an attempt by right-wing forces to undermine democratic rights and accelerate the accumulation of corporate profits and the wealth of the rich.

But if the recall is successful, California’s working people need an alternative to the pro-big business policies of the candidates associated with the Democratic Party. To obtain the resources necessary to guarantee full employment, provide universal health coverage, expand educational services and eradicate poverty, I advocate the transformation of large corporations and banks into publicly owned and democratically controlled utilities. The diversion of resources to finance aggressive wars must be stopped. The satisfaction of human needs, not the amassing of corporate profit, must be the basis of California’s economy.

Voters can learn more about my program by reading the World Socialist Web Site [www.wsws.org].