Letters from our readers

Below we post a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

The Bush party is guilty of sponsoring terror. It’s obvious, now, that the killing and gloating over the dead Hussein brothers was pure bestiality! Killing the accused, how quaint, we eliminate the need for a trial. Bush has not found a single WMD, but the world was in danger? The French say the Iraqi war was for oil. I believe they were right and I am an American! I have common sense, Bush was elected under suspicious circumstances, and holds colossal stakes in the oil business, and not to mention, they own him!

Congratulations, you have done a great job for world justice; however, we cannot rest until the true criminals are put on trial. Petition the international community to act, strength in numbers, consolidate and rally for a prosecution of the Washington terrorists, after all, the act of televising dead bodies is an unscrupulous and colossal act of terror!

Did not we ourselves deem it to be a war crime?

How many countries have we bombed or attacked without a formal declaration of war—those are wars of aggression! Geneva has hung men for this alone. You can assess all the nations of history and I would bet, we are the most aggressive, and therefore, should not a trial be in order?

Justice for all.


6 August 2003

* * *

On “Australian survey shows continuing destruction of full time jobs

The Liberal government has been working on people having part-time jobs only. The elimination of full-time employment means he can brag how he got unemployment down. [Treasurer Peter] Costello stated two years ago it would be the norm for person to have two-three jobs. I would like to see them pay a mortgage and feed a family with two-three part-time jobs, as well try to find time to spend with family.


6 August 2003

* * *

To the Editor:

There is no justification for what Washington and Canberra did in Iraq. Bush snapped his fingers, the sheep fell into line. The Australian people were told by Howard. He did not have the full sitting of parliament as he told Australians he would, only his cabinet met. Reason being he knew it would never be passed.


6 August 2003

* * *

For the first time I have read an assessment of the events that have taken place in my country [“One year after the terror attacks: still no official investigation into September 11”], which truly express exactly what has occurred and where the nation is headed. Your words, whoever wrote this article, have the gift of vision and an ability to articulate in a way that provides clarity to the extraordinarily ominous agenda of this administration.

We are no longer free and this media is totally complicit in shutting down the truth and voices of dissent. They have become the dogs of prey to be unleashed onto those who threaten the administration through exposure of September 11, such as the stand down orders/directive not to intercede and let it happen. So America is attacked and all four planes are successfully hijacked within an hour. America is changed forever—but with the full knowledge of the event before it happened.

I have one purpose in life, and only one, that is to inform, enlighten, organize and mobilize the citizenry to fight to reinstate our Constitution and its sacred covenants “against all enemies foreign and domestic.” The citizens must be alerted to “the clear and present danger” that exists. It is our very salvation as a freedom-loving people that is at risk of demise.

I am very new to the Internet, one of the few adults who never touched a computer until 17 days ago, when I had a reason to communicate and research. In closing I want to tell you that if I see nothing more in print I have had verification that in fact there are others who see what an insidious nefarious agenda is being inflicted on the American people and the rest of the world.


Syracuse, New York

5 August 2003

* * *

On “Bush press conference highlights government crisis

I am so glad you wrote this article. I thought I was the only one who noticed. Of course the “mainstream” press never mentioned it. Has there ever been a more controlled press conference in history? I had to laugh how he had the names memorized to make “George look smart.” I’m still wondering if the well-organized “peanut gallery” had their names on the seats and George had a seating chart memorized. Each got one question, no follow-up, and George was Texas-bound. You know, I could actually see him pull the old Evangelist trick (fitting huh?) and having a miniature mike in his ear with someone feeding him lines from a remote location. Man if you could intercept that feed ... anyway...

Keep up the good fight,


Princeton, Texas

6 August 2003

* * *

On “Fassbinder’s Mother Küsters Goes to Heaven

Thank you for critiquing this crucially important work by the great R.W. Fassbinder. I prefer the first “ending” of the film. I think it is interesting that Fassbinder chose to present the first “ending” only to the European audiences and to present the second and “happy ending” to American audiences. You ought to comment on Fassbinder’s 1970 film The Niklausen Journey, which is so far only available on VHS. This film is a response on Fassbinder’s part to Godard’s 1969 film One Plus One (curiously unavailable in any format!).



6 August 2003

* * *

On “Questions Blair government must answer over death of whistleblower Dr. Kelly and “Britain: Was whistleblower Kelly’s death suicide?

Dear Chris,

This story is so very dark, adjectives fail completely. The obscenity of it all just seems to eclipse this blazing sun of summer 2003! One hopes that the only person who is in a position to really put the record straight—Mrs. Kelly—will do so, and not behind closed doors. It is her word which will have most impact in this ghastly story and all it’s ghastly implications. This woman needs every bit of encouragement and support to speak out from the heart to silence the ghouls and “dark actors” that seem to have invaded high places of late.

I for one, am convinced this is not going to get swept under the carpet. A war on terrorism there may be—and we need to see just where that terrorism really does lurk! We do indeed, it seems, need to be brave to gaze upon its true sources!

Yours sincerely,


7 August 2003