Letters from our readers

Below we post a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “California recall results: Socialist Equality candidate John Burton wins 5,915 votes

Dear editor,

I wish to congratulate John Christopher Burton and the SEP on the 5,915 votes garnered in the California recall election.

Despite a media blackout and lack of resources, the socialist program put forward by Mr. Burton resonated with those voters who encountered his campaign.

The future of capitalism is inextricably intertwined with the future of America itself, thus making any advancement of the socialist cause in that country doubly significant. This is important not only for Californians, but for all of those who support a socialist future internationally.



13 October 2003

* * *

On “California supermarket chains mount strikebreaking drive against grocery workers

Thank you for the real details of the grocery store strike, as scary as they are.

I cannot believe how the mainstream press skates over the real issues at stake—the direct impact this strike takes on the whole job culture of the US. I am not union. I am only a shopper. One who tries to flex my power as a consumer, since I feel so helpless at the polls.

It seems to me the strikers are giving all of us a chance to express our discontent. They have to put their livelihood and standard of living on the line. We, as consumers, merely have to drive on down the street.

This is a chance for every employee who has seen cuts to their benefits, or who are living below a living wage, to stand up to the union and nonunion, faceless corporations which are slowly but steadfastly offering employees less and less while expecting more and more.

As a striking grocery worker said to me today, “I’m not a greedy person. I give of myself to this company. I do my best. I’m just asking for a living wage.”


14 October 2003

* * *

On “Kucinich, Sharpton and the WSWS: letters and a reply

Dear Patrick Martin:

Just read your forthright and effective rebuttal to the goody two-shoes Democratic Party apologists. I get so frustrated hearing the endless and naive liberal arguments for electing a Democrat. They are always reading more into these candidates’ speeches than the candidates even intended.

There’s a line in the anti-nationalist film The English Patient that keeps coming back to me, something about “We [explorers] are always reading too much into a discovery.” The reason? “We work so hard and go so long without any thing to read at all” (this obviously is a paraphrase).

The American political system is so corrupt, so debased, so hypocritical, so manipulative that when anyone—I mean anyone—comes along who is less than an out-and-out monster all the soft-witted self-proclaimed “liberals” and “progressives” (in the current climate these terms have become meaningless to any person with political discernment) go nuts, slathering over them as if they are political saviors. These idealists read all kinds of transcendent meanings into their favorites’ sayings, attributing to them great wisdom, and pinning all their hopes on them. So instead of supporting worthy organizations that fight the system, they give their time and money to the Democrats—yes, those Democrats—the ones that have been kissing Bush’s butt since day one.

Why do they do it? Because 95 percent of US politicians are flagrant criminals, and by comparison to them, the Kuciniches smell like a rose! America’s delusional liberals go so long without hope that when a Kucinich shows up, they read wisdom, justice and presidential greatness into his every word and mentally transform him into an icon of greatness.

The fools! They are doing all this to avoid facing one very obvious fact, a fact that Jefferson, Madison and Adams would instantly realize: we need a revolution. A real revolution. Nothing else will help. Power is too entrenched. Fascism is flourishing. And the Beast is gearing up for another racist holocaust—against all the Muslims and all the Arabs of the world. Nothing but nothing else will do. We certainly do not need another front man for imperialist aggression around the world and a police state at home.


13 October 2003

* * *

Very well answered [“Kucinich, Sharpton and the WSWS: letters and a reply”]. Problem with most people is they have a very short memory span. As for history, they don’t remember what did happen yesterday.

Talking about history, I have pulled off my bookcase shelves and just finished re-reading the two books The Dutch Revolt and Mercator to refresh my memory what happen in the 16th century with Spain trying to dominate The Netherlands causing the 80-year war with Spain. The 21st century George W. Bush America is very much the same. In the end it bankrupted Spain and so it will bankrupt America if the citizens of America do not wizen up and give dyslexic President Dubya another four years.

Keep up the good work.



13 October 2003

* * *

It is now being said that Schwartzenegger plans to put a priority on deregulation in California. This news leads to an interesting train of thought.

Is it possible that he plans to cure his budget problems by making California so business-friendly that business is attracted there at the expense of other states? In other words, the “loud sucking sound” would be jobs moving this time to California.

We already know that business has become quite skillful in blackmailing the individual states, making concessions to business the price of not moving jobs away. We also know that this practice now extends to a kind of protection racket in the environment: if you don’t want the salmon exterminated from this stream, you can always buy it from us. Making California ultra business friendly would only be an extension of this approach.

Of course it would mean a kind of economic warfare between the states, but that is only in keeping with the overall libertarian philosophy.

They have no use for the UN or even for the federal government, so presumably the deconstruction of the Union would appear as a logical next step. Especially since the feds have now fulfilled their only role, that of ultimate military supremacy over other countries.

However I suppose this odd scenario is only a product of my post-traumatic stress disorder. Right?


11 October 2003