Letters from families of US soldiers

Below we post two recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site sent by families of US soldiers.

This letter is in regard to the article about the families and their voicing of their opinions about the situation with the military. I am a military wife and my husband is scheduled to deploy to Iraq in March from here at Ft. Hood. I am very angry. I am afraid and I am sickened that he is being sent to Iraq. Since the war started and the occupation began I have not had a moment of peace. I feel for the families here and nationally who have lost loved ones. My husband’s pending deployment has caused me to suffer mental and physical ailments. I cannot sleep anymore. My husband has dreams waking up screaming, and to imagine he has not even left yet. I cannot imagine what it will be like once he is over there. Then how do I deal with the person he will be upon his return, or should I say, if he comes home alive?

I am normally a very forgiving person and a broadminded individual. But this person they call a president makes me sick. I question his sanity and his morals. I also question why no one is doing anything about this lunatic. I would like to be able to start a forum with military families who are against this occupation, to unite and possibly seek legal action against this administration for the murder of innocent Iraqi civilians, the needless death of numerous troops and their propaganda which deceived our country. Bush is affecting my right to the pursuit of happiness. He is destroying my life one day at a time and for the next 120 days I can only think of ways to keep my husband from having to go. Bush is using my husband and the rest of the military as his guinea pigs and puppets and he needs to be stopped. This country cannot be so blind or scared of this lunatic. He is only one man surrounded by a corrupted group against millions of Americans and millions of people around the world.

How do I go about getting the military families involved that are against this? How can we petition for an investigation into the fraudulent nature of this occupation and against the deployment of our loved ones? Any and all help you may have to give is appreciated.



8 November 2003

* * *

Dear Sir:

I am a mother of a soldier who is stationed in the Middle East and I feel we should have never been there in the first place. I feel this is all for political gain. This president has lied to the American people and is still doing so. I feel he should be brought up on war crimes for all the lives that have been lost. How many more of our soldiers have to be killed for the American people to wake up and see this president is doing nothing but trying to raise money for his reelection campaign. He wants to get back in there to lie to the American people some more. He doesn’t care about the soldiers. I will give all my support to the troops, but not one drop will go for the president. I can tell you one thing, he won’t have my vote.

Concerned mother of a soldier.

9 November 2003