WSWS arts editor appears on Wisconsin Public Radio

World Socialist Web Site Arts Editor David Walsh appeared on Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) December 8 to discuss the Michael Jackson case and the implications of the media frenzy that surrounds it. Walsh was contacted by producers of the Kathleen Dunn call-in program after a listener in a previous show had recommended his December 1 article on the WSWS, “Michael Jackson’s tragedy.”

Dunn hosts the 17 “Ideas Network” stations of WPR every weekday morning from 9 to 11 am. Wisconsin Public Radio has a weekly audience of 381,000 listeners.

After Dunn’s introduction and a brief comment by Walsh, calls were taken from listeners around the state who offered their opinions. A lively discussion ensued about Jackson’s life and career, the role of the media, its corporate domination and the political and cultural situation in the US.

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