Spanish magazine/web site apologizes for misuse of WSWS articles

The monthly magazine and web site Amanecer del Nuevo Siglo, produced in Madrid, Spain, has published an apology in its February issue for copying hundreds of articles from the World Socialist Web Site without authorization or attribution, and claiming them as its own.

“Through a detailed investigation we have determined that a certain number of articles sent in by some collaborators of this publication during the years 2002 and 2003 have been taken without due authorization from the Internet site (www.wsws.org) and used incorrectly for the elaboration of works published in our magazine,” the Amanecer statement says. “All of this has been done without the permission of the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) and without these collaborators citing the origin or the authors of the material. The editorial board of the magazine Amanecer del Nuevo Siglo hereby wishes to apologize to the WSWS and to guarantee that similar actions will not be carried out in our magazine in the future.”

The statement then proceeds to list 210 articles that Amanecer acknowledges were direct translations of material that first appeared in English on the WSWS or represented “translations with some changes.”

The statement appears on the magazine’s web site at: http://www.revistaamanecer.com/contenido/43/43.htm

According to Amanecer’s own count, the number of articles copied from the WSWS averaged over nine per issue during the period beginning in March 2002 and ending in January 2004. They were all presented as the work of the magazine’s editorial board or published under false bylines.

In a January 7 letter to Amanecer, the WSWS demanded that the magazine cease its copying activities and post a statement on its web site and in its printed publication explaining the extent of its misappropriation of WSWS material. It pointed out that such activity is in clear violation of both Spanish and international copyright laws.

The WSWS welcomes the reprinting of its articles in reputable and progressive publications, where permission is sought and attribution is appropriately given.

The World Socialist Web Site welcomes the statement from Amanecer del Nuevo Siglo and accepts its undertaking that, in the future, it will not reprint material from the WSWS without permission and proper attribution.