Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “More ‘Washington whispers’ about possible pre-election terrorist attack”

Dear Editor,

Thanks for: “More ‘Washington whispers’ about possible pre-election terrorist attack” by Joseph Kay .

It’s a breath of fresh air to read what should be obvious: “A terrorist attack—engineered or allowed by the government—can by no means be ruled out.”

In the unlikely event you don’t know, it was reported once by the BBC that the terrorist’s passport miraculously found in the rubble soon after 9/11 was a lie. They also reported a string of other, similar lies, very quickly in the same short piece. I, for one, would be most interested if you carried an article about these.


25 May 2004

* * *

An incisive and courageous article that vindicates the suspicions of many of us—in print. Many of us discussed the lack of public concern when the Supreme Court cited Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment which has no relationship to elections, whilst ignoring the Section 2 which pertains strictly thereto.


25 May 2004

* * *

Fellow truth seekers, it would seem that this is a done deal. With it will come the RED alert and you can kiss whatever is left of your constitutional rights away. Have fun.

25 May 2004

* * *

Dear Editor:

If the elite can find no fault in sending the children of the workers into the killing fields, then how could they possibly find fault in staging an attack that will target the lives of average Americans? Like, it hasn’t happened before?

I once heard a serial killer say that after the first murder, it becomes easier and easier to kill again. In my mind, this has always been the philosophy of the elite and it doesn’t take great imagination to see that the massive and serial slaughter of Third World peoples eventually becomes the slippery slope to the same slaughter of one’s own citizens. Boundaries become blurred when power and wealth become threatened.

I hope that the workers of the world decide not to become the fodder for elite clashes and conclude that the only road to equality, justice and liberty lies with not cooperating with the aims of the narcissistic elite and forming/supporting a true Socialist Union.



Powell River, British Columbia

May 25, 2004

On “Pakistan and Zimbabwe: a tale of two autocrats”

Dear editor,

Thank you for the article on the hypocritical treatment of Musharaf and Mugabe.

The arrival of the deposed Haitian leader, Aristide, in Pretoria, points to possible future developments in Zimbabwe. Various commentators have suggested that by offering to host Aristide, Pretoria is seeking to test the legal waters with view to Mugabe’s exit and possible exile in South Africa.

Although Thabo Mbeki has been lambasted by the opposition parties for his perceived support of Mugabe, it is clear that there is some sort of an agreement between the US, Britain and South Africa regarding the future of Mugabe. During his visit to South Africa last year, George Bush indicated his general agreement with Mbeki’s approach and designated Mbeki as his “point man in Africa,” whilst more recently the British minister for Africa, Chris Mullin, indicated that South Africa and Britain are in agreement about the desired outcome in Zimbabwe, differing only in tactics.

While Mbeki may seem to give support to Mugabe, one must understand that despite his vilification in the international and local media, Mugabe is immensely popular amongst the South African masses. His appearance at Mbeki’s inauguration earlier this year was greeted by thunderous applause and cheering from the crowds on the Union Building lawns.

However, it is not inconceivable that Pretoria is cooperating with Britain and the US in their quest to remove Mugabe. Aristide’s arrival in South Africa clears the path for Mugabe’s removal from Harare.



26 May 2004

* * *

Bush and his Mafia dictatorship should all be thrown out of Washington. That goes for the Democrats also. There should be another war and should be the real Americans against all of the big shots in this country. I’m 74 years old, but I would gladly join that army.


11 May 2004