The war in Iraq and the 2004 elections

SEP speakers to address West Coast meetings

David Walsh, the Arts Editor of the World Socialist Web Site, will speak at a series of meetings on the West Coast on “The war in Iraq and 2004 elections.” The meetings will be held in Los Angeles and Sacramento, California; Seattle, Washington; and Portland, Oregon.

Tens of millions of people in the US are shocked and revolted by the bombing of cities, collective punishment against civilians and torture of prisoners that is being carried out in their names in Iraq. They are angered by the senseless deaths of US soldiers—138 in April alone.

But this mass antiwar sentiment finds no expression in the 2004 elections. Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry supports the occupation and calls for a further buildup of military forces in Iraq. Kerry, like Bush, speaks for the financial elite, whose interests and fortunes are bound up with the seizure of Iraq’s oil wealth and the launching of future wars to assert US global hegemony.

The Socialist Equality Party is intervening in the 2004 elections to provide a way forward against the capitalist two-party system. It demands the immediate withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq and advances a socialist and internationalist program to oppose war, social inequality and the attack on democratic rights.

For more information, email: SEP2004@socialequality.com

Click on the cities below to download leaflets for the meetings in PDF.

Thursday, May 20, 6 p.m.—7:30 p.m.
Portland State University
Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 298
1825 SW Broadway