To all US readers of the WSWS

Back the SEP election campaign! Donate today—we need your support now!

The Socialist Equality Party calls on all US readers of the World Socialist Web Site to send generous donations to our election fund in order to finance legal appeals against the decision by the Ohio federal judge to deny ballot status to SEP candidate David Lawrence. [SeeJudge rejects ballot lawsuit of SEP congressional candidate in Ohio”]

The SEP campaign has already had to outlay substantial sums of money to fight the attempt by the American state and the Republican and Democratic parties to keep socialist and third-party candidates off the November ballot.

In July, at considerable cost, the SEP successfully defeated the spurious challenge made by the Democratic Party to the 2,009 petitions filed by Tom Mackaman, SEP candidate for the Illinois state legislature from the 103rd District. [SeeChampaign, Illinois Electoral Board places SEP candidate on ballot”]

We are combating organizations that receive tens of millions of dollars from big business. We rely on the working class to provide us with the resources we need.

Alongside preparing a legal challenge in Ohio, the SEP is preparing for the widespread distribution of our election statement and other programmatic material, as well as energetic campaigning by our presidential, vice-presidential and congressional candidates.

We need your financial support to do so. We call on all WSWS readers to send as much as you can.

Click here to make a secure donation online via credit card.

Please note: under US electoral law, only American citizens or permanent residents can donate, to a maximum amount during the election of $2,000.

If you wish to donate via mail, please post your check or money order, made payable to the SEP 2004 Committee to:

Socialist Equality Party
PO Box 48377,
Oak Park, MI 48237