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Below we post a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “SEP candidate on Illinois public radio

Dear comrades

I am listening to Tom Mackaman on real player, and it makes me very proud to be to supporting the SEP. I am actively involved as much as possible in our elections here in Australia. I am looking forward to election day, as I am fortunate enough to be handing out the SEP’s how to vote leaflets with the knowledge that I will be representing the only party that represents the working people, and has truth at the centre of its ethos.

I pity those handing out how to vote leaflets for the other parties as I intend to give them a day of much discomfort armed with facts and truth that SEP has made available to me. As a recent supporter I would like to acknowledge and thank those that have put in years of time and effort and to say that I will do my best with them in mind.



5 October 2004

* * *

Hi Mr.Martin,

I’m sure you were looking at Paul Bremer’s new comments on looting with a shake of the head! I have followed your articles on Iraq with great interest. I was completely against the invasion.

Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards



5 October 2004

* * *

Hello Editors:

Whatever opinions I have yet to form of your website aside, I can’t help but be transfixed by the great writing style that runs through the entire copy of the WSWS.

Being from Africa, I have been made to believe that some of America’s leading newspapers—the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post—have the definitive writing, to be emulated by all aspiring writers and journalists.

I am not sure of this after reading through the WSWS, beginning accidentally a few months ago with your story on the abrupt resignation of Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet.

The WSWS is so much more clear and over-arching in scope than America’s mainstream and most respected newspapers, I wonder why you are not better known around the world.


Kampala, Uganda

East Africa

5 October 2004

* * *

Dear Editor,

I have read and copied your excellent article “The international crisis of capitalism and the bankruptcy of the ‘social market economy’”. This is the second time that I tried to write to you and express some of my own ideas about the mess the world is in now, mainly due to the unscrupulous exploitation of the disadvantaged and nature by the greedy bastards who run the monetary system of the world.

I was born on Yugoslavia in 1928, was a teenager during the W.W.II, and was educated

In the post war period, ( in Tito’s Yugoslavia ). I left Yugoslavia, as an adventurer, spent a short period of time in London, England, and came to Toronto in the summer of 1957. After working for about 30 years in Ontario, as a secondary school teacher, I retired in 1988, and now live in Nova Scotia.

As you can see, I have gone through all sort of social systems and as an acute observer, I have noticed the tremendous differences in various nations, and of course, in levels of misery and opulence amongst different segments of “democratic” society. It is obvious to anyone who can think that all the misery, suffering, nature degradation, and wars are caused exclusively by those who are interested only to make undeserved profits on the backs of everybody else. However, it is very unfortunate, that they are also very skillful in covering their dirty deeds, by controlling the means of information, and thus present themselves as “good leaders” of the ignorant masses.

You are mentioning the “Fourth International” organization, of which I was completely unaware! I also feel that instead of the present United Nations (which consists mainly of the spoiled and well fed and provided-for crooks from various countries ), the world needs a United Nation of the working peoples of the world! This organization would protect the disadvantaged, suffering, exploited and misinformed citizens of the world, and prevent the crooks of the world from further criminal misuse of those upon whose lives and labor they make their tremendous profits.

So keep up the good work, and hopefully, the world will be saved from the avarice of the abovementioned idiotic crooks.

Best regards from a true champion of freedom and justice.


5 October 2004

* * *

Thank you for brilliant article on the crisis of capitalism. Specifically excellent was how the essay connected the modern world crisis as well as the collapse of the communist states with globalization.

Best wishes for international socialist movement and your team


5 October 2004

* * *


Keep up the good work. Long ago masters of ships found it comforting to find such beacons of light in the darkness. Never stop. That which you strive for is right.



7 October 2004

* * *

On “Democratic keynote speaker Barack Obama calls for missile strikes on Iran

Mr. Mackaman,

Thank you for this article. So much for Obama the “progressive” candidate.

It’s disappointing to find he’s just another faithful servant of the American Empire; a man who calls himself a Christian but believes in violence, blatantly in contradiction to the teachings of Christ.


Globe, Arizona

4 October 2004

* * *

I fear some of the US politicians have really gone mad due to Bush’s Iraq invasion...If this continues, the US can be sure, that besides Israel no other country will have anything to do with a USA which has really become a pariah state in the world thanks to the present administration.

Please come to reason! Wake up! There are international laws, there is the United Nations! The US is NOT the master of the world (together with Israel) who can decide what has to be done and what not.

Together with millions of decent people in this world I can only pray, that the present US government under Bush will not be reelected. It would be a catastrophe for the world AND the USA!



4 October 2004

* * *

Dear Editor:

Re. Barack O-bomb’em

The article by Tom Mackaman about Barack Obama is one huge disappointment...sort of. There was no coverage of Obama’s speech out here where I live. Not that there is any real news ever reported out in the vast wastes of behind the Zion curtain. I watched Obama’s speech at the Demo-love fest and war celebration. Obama seemed at the time to be almost acceptable. I had hopes of something new and different...

It didn’t take Obama long to get spoiled by the Democrats. Spoiled as in, rotting meat. I am so weary of the Republican AND Democratic response to world crisis. BOMB THEM...BLOW THEIR CHILDREN TO HELL...SHOCK AND AWE THEIR ASSES BACK TO THE STONE AGE!

It would be so refreshing to hear just one politician/candidate offer the world a reasoned and well thought policy of justice, equality, and an end to violent solutions.

Most sincerely yours,


Murray, Utah

2 October 2004