Letters on the US elections

Below we post a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.


Thank you for a highly successful and educational campaign.

Certainly no one who followed the SEP’s efforts to gain ballot access in Ohio and the machinations of Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell to prevent it could have been the least surprised that his turf ended up being ground-zero for yet another electoral theft and disenfranchisement.

I expect that many of those around me who saw hope in Kerry and the Democrats—many of whom are now dealing with a sort of post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing Kerry’s prostration and refusal to stand up to their own disenfranchisement—will now be in a better position to acknowledge one of the prime principles which the SEP has been promulgating throughout: that the monopoly of the two-party capitalist duopoly must be overcome for any progress to be made.

As a further “reality check” let’s keep in mind that less than 50 percent of potentially eligible voters even bother to register. So that even in a year of high turnout of registered voters—let’s say 70 percent—only about 30 percent take part in the process at all. And of those, a high margin of victory is considered to be a few percentage points. What a complete farce!

Now the real work begins.

I remain,

In solidarity,

Albuquerque, New Mexico
5 November 2004

* * *

Dear Sir,

Reading Mr. Van Auken’s letter has given me more hope than I had before. I know that the struggle against tyranny is an ongoing process, full of ups and downs, but his words have stoked my fires. I must renew my own efforts.

Thank you,

5 November 2004

* * *

Hello comrades at WSWS:

I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I voted for the Socialist Equality Party candidates the other day for the office of president and vice president.

I wrote in the names Bill Van Auken for president and Jim Lawrence for vice president, plus I also wrote in the Socialist Equality Party name under them. Now, I have to call my local town office to make sure that my vote was recorded, which I suspect will be.

I noticed that Mr. Cooley did very well in Maine! Those voters who voted for him should be organized into a strong socialist party in Maine.


New Hampshire
5 November 2004

* * *

I live in a state with a large amount of support for the Democratic Party as well as for Kerry. All I can say is that I fear for the worst, since my wife is on Social Security Disability income. I am uncertain about whether or not I will be able to find another job where I can make adequate income to support my family. All this and much more is due to the victory of a man (possibly, demon) who started and provoked a war with a country where no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. The American people are going to pay the price for reelecting this man.

If socialism is to have any ground in this country it must be done by revolutionary reawakening. I don’t believe this country is going to last another four years under the rule of George Bush after all he has done to hurt the economy, jobs, education, etc. Why and for whatever reasons would the majority of Americans, fueled with hatred towards this war in Iraq and all the failed policies of the Bush administration, reelect this man?? Cheney is no better. I even fear his policies of racism and brute force. What can be done to bring grass roots democracy to this country? I fear for my little boy, five years old, who goes to public school. He may find out later on that public schools will shut down because of Bush. My wife may lose her disability benefits because the filthy rich don’t give a rat’s ass about the majority?

I say it’s time for reawakening. A socialist bill of rights must be advanced because if we don’t we would have allowed capitalism through Bush and his cronies to hurt the cause of true freedom and democracy.

5 November 2004

* * *

I fully concur with your statement and commend its publication. The Bush victory is going to be disastrous for world peace and will eventually intensify all forms of religious fundamentalism—Jewish, Christian and Islamic. It is not inconceivable that we might see more wars motivated by zealots and religious fervor. The American voters will suffer just as many of the world peoples have.

Yours sincerely,

4 November 2004

* * *

I feel like I have a hangover and very bewildered with no control. I would like someone to explain how the current president is against abortion and at the same time wants to go and bomb Iraq—aren’t there children living there? We are all human, or is that only in the United States. Why spend the money in Iraq for a war when we should be here taking care of ourselves? I have visited a few churches in my lifetime—never once did I hear of god promoting hate. So the hate issue has confused me even more.

Thank you for your time.


Portland, Oregon
4 November 2004

* * *


I could not agree with you more! As a retired Presbyterian minister, I have long been appalled at the horrendous religious overtones of the Republican Party’s emphasis. While most of the neo-con members of that party claim to be so religious, their policies and legislative behavior are totally contrary to the deeper meaning of true faith, such as compassion for the poor, the downtrodden, etc. It is appalling and frightening to see what is happening to this country and its citizens.

I could go on and on. There is no need for that. I would simply be repeating much of what you have said in your excellent article.

I feel myself very much aligned with the socialist point of view. I have for many years felt that way; however, with the recent trends and developments in this nation, the sense that we need to stop the richer from getting richer and the poor from getting poorer is becoming a ripping current within me. Something needs to happen!

Springfield, Pennsylvania
4 November 2004