Socialist Equality Party May Day meeting in Colombo

The Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka) will hold a public meeting in Colombo on May 1 to mark International Workers Day.

The basic principles associated with May Day—the international unity of the working class and the political struggle for socialism—are vital for the entire working class. Amid the eruption of US militarism in Afghanistan and Iraq and growing dangers of new wars, it is essential that workers in all countries adopt a common strategy to fight for their own class interests.

Around the world, the corporate elites and their political servants have no solution to the unfolding crises confronting mankind. They are engaged in a bitter struggle against their rivals for markets, cheap labour and resources and at the same time waging a class war at home against the democratic rights and living standards of the working class.

The Asian tsunami disaster graphically exposed the inability of capitalism to provide for the most elementary needs of working people. In Sri Lanka, tens of thousands of people are still living in appalling conditions with no prospect of any immediate improvement. All the promises that the tragedy would mean a new determination to settle the country’s civil war have proven to be illusory. Instead, communal antagonisms are again being whipped up by a ruling class that has nothing to offer the masses.

The reaction of ordinary people was exactly the opposite. Aware that the government would not help, workers, students, professionals, fishermen and farmers generously gave of their time, money and goods to assist the victims—regardless of religion, ethnicity or language. The response revealed in elemental form the enormous capacities of the working class to join together and fashion a society to meet its needs and aspirations, rather than the profits of a wealthy few.

The SEP warmly invites all our readers and supporters to attend our May Day public meeting

Venue: New Town Hall, Greenpath, Colombo
Time: 3.00 p.m., May 1
Speaker: Wije Dias, SEP General Secretary and WSWS International Editorial Board member