Letters on Bush speech on the Iraq war

On “Bush at Fort Bragg—fear-mongering, lies and desperation

Excellent article ... but when will the American people really react? What are they waiting for? For Israel to manage to manipulate America into fighting more of its wars, i.e., with Iran and Syria? The world has been waiting for three years to see the power of the American people. What more does it take for Americans to realize that their very own lives are also at stake ... not just our lives in the Middle East. Time is running out and Americans need to take concrete steps NOW if they really want to be heard and acknowledged.


29 June 2005

* * *

As long as the military is willing to carry out orders that are illegal and contrary to the laws of humanity then we will have Bush and his like. Only when the soldiers and sailors stop acting as robots and mindless drones and stand up and say no will the people be able to bring about change.

The military has fired upon the people of this country for over 200 years and they will continue to do so until they realize that we are the ones they are supposed to be defending.

Bush is nothing but a brainless dictator using the might of the insane military power to play at being the messiah. Hopefully seeing their friends and relatives die will demonstrate to the common military personnel that they have been lied to and that to say no is more patriotic than to wave some damned rag and shout America at every opportunity.

If they will not awaken then any hope of change is hopeless, for death awaits those whom the military turns toward.


Upper Marlboro, Maryland

29 June 2005

* * *

The subject Op-Ed represents the most comprehensive analysis of any that I have read concerning GWB’s speech last night. Congratulations on a job well done.

However, the editorial has stated that “The American ruling elite is not about to accept another Vietnam. It has no intention of allowing popular opposition to force an end to the war.” American military intervention in Vietnam lasted from 1962 until the fall of Saigon in 1975. Despite popular opposition, the war ran its violent course and the ruling elite exacted a heavy price in loss of life and in the destruction of Vietnam’s infrastructure, even though it was clear in 1969—when Richard Nixon assumed the presidency—that a military victory seemed impractical.

I wholeheartedly agree that there should be an independent political movement made up of American workers. However, I believe that the movement should be a political party which should organize across the country at the grassroots level, and should field candidates for offices at every level of government. To prevent such a party from becoming venal and self-serving like the Democratic and Republican parties, I would recommend that campaign contributions be limited to individuals and not to corporations and PACs. As such, a full range of international and domestic issues can be addressed and not just issues related to the so-called war on terror.


New York, New York

29 June 2005

* * *

The major networks gave up some primetime moneymakers last Tuesday to air the George Bush in Fantasy Land Show. Iraqi insurgents are the same folks who attacked us on 9/11, says Bush. Freedom, Democracy, and Progress, says Bush! The broadcast got low ratings. Bush was surrounded by military people, but it didn’t help. Maybe if he had worn his flight suit and had a big banner that said Complete the Mission, he’d have done better. More likely, the networks and the American people are tired of the same old Stay the Course program that does not sell because it does not work.

What Americans want to buy is a plan for our troops to exit Iraq with the least death and destruction. There are many possible plans, but they are not being discussed. American corporations have privatized Iraq’s oil reserves. As long as George Bush has his fist in that monkey trap, we can only expect more of the same for the next three years. It’s what the American people bought in last November’s election. Now we have to pay for it, even if we got a lemon.


Las Vegas, Nevada

30 June 2005

On “The New York Times closes ranks with Bush on Iraq war

It’s a relief to read your article. I’m happy to read an American express my sentiments about the reasons for the so-called war on terror. We get the same hogwash in Denmark where I live. We have absolutely no business in Afghanistan or Iraq, the only way to get on friendly terms with the so-called Third World, or whatever, is to apologize for our imperialist behavior down through history and start to pay our debt!

It enrages me to witness fortunes being robbed from the people and end up in the pockets of a very small number of people. A lot of problems, in fact most of them I believe, are due to greed on the part of the aforementioned few.... But I guess you agree with me on that!


Copenhagen, Denmark

30 June 2005

* * *

What a beautiful clarifying essay you have written today concerning the obfuscating and duplicitous editorializing in the New York Times this morning. I read it myself and felt disturbed and unsettled in reading it. It is difficult for an old reader of the Times to adjust to the fact that the paper has truly abandoned the everyday people and become merely a state megaphone of warmongering corporate propaganda. Nevertheless, you carved to the heart of the Democratic, Republican and corporate press’s true driving forces: imperialist insanity and CYA.

Every day I regret voting for John Kerry, who ran off to Iraq during the vote count, while I, an ancient school teacher, stood across from the capital with a pitifully small and sorry crew surrounded by riot-geared storm troopers. I can’t even stand the sight of him.

Continue to carry the flag for change. You are doing a wonderful job. With best regards and gratitude, I felt so good that your words echoed around the world today.

A high school teacher in Richmond, Virginia

30 June 2005