Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “Pentagon devising scenarios for martial law in US

Of course! It was obvious to me when the Northern Command was announced as being formed that Bush intends to use contrived terrorist acts to remain in power past his term of office.


Silver Springs, Florida

* * *

Who are the people behind the people behind Osama Bin Laden? Apparently they can get away with anything! Murdering Americans in the US (World Trade Center), causing misguided and misled soldiers bleeding to death on the battlefields ignorant of the real reason for their being there; lining their pockets with gold soaked in the blood of innocent people. It reminds me of something that happened in Europe in the thirties and forties! Gott Mit Uns!


* * *

Thank you for a really great piece of reporting.


* * *

Thank you for another informative article. The “Patriot” act is a sneak attack on the basic tenants of our republic, which in essence adheres to and gives aid and comfort to America’s enemies, both domestic and (doubtfully) foreign. I applaud your attempt to warn a duped public. The less than outstanding aspect of this treasonous endeavor is that as it stands it is being illegally applied. Article V requires that any amendment to the Constitution and/or Bill of Rights must be ratified before it shall become valid. Since this treasonous destruction of at least five articles and 12 amendments has not been ratified it is still in a limbo state and not legally active yet. There is still a window of opportunity to squash this Orwellian horror, for the remaining loyal Americans in the several states to command their legislatures to rebel. I urge you to use your good office as a journalist to present this fact to your readers. Thank you for your attention.


Shelton, Washington

On “Britain: leaked documents on illegal pre-war bombing campaign against Iraq

I have read your article regarding the above subject. Although it represents an otherwise thorough account of the illegal actions of the UK and US governments against Iraq under the pretext of monitoring the no-fly zones, I feel that a vital point has been missed.

I believe that the ultimate goal of those actions was not to intimidate Iraq, nor was it to degrade its already ineffective air defences. Rather, faced with growing criticism at home and abroad and struggling to come up with a justifiable reason for attacking a defenceless country and receive UN authorisation for their plans, the two governments were hoping that their actions would induce the Iraqis to retaliate, thereby providing a lawful premise for their subsequent invasion.

Yours sincerely,


London, England

On “Sixty years since the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings

Joseph Kay’s outstanding, yet troubling, report is required reading for all Americans concerned with the Bush administration’s unconscionable proliferation of “ruthless militarism.”


Riverside, California

* * *

This act should haunt us. As an American I am horrified that we chose to use this horrible weapon when there were alternatives. We committed one of the cruelest acts of destruction in the history of this world—and, no, the fact that we were engaged in a war does not justify this act.

Like the Holocaust, this monstrous act should be remembered and debated. Thank you for printing this article and thank you for your very important web site.


On “Military commission prosecutors charge: trials rigged against Guantánamo detainees

The US, England and Australia have committed many violations of the Geneva Conventions. When will they stand trial? Many detainees have been released. It appears the remainder are to be used as an example. Why don’t they warrant a proper trial instead of a rigged military fiasco? The US has no proof they committed a crime other than being in a camp, so torture is their way to make them say what they want to hear. I’m disgusted with the Australian government for not demanding that David Hicks be given his civil rights. It doesn’t appear to matter that they have been tortured and heaven knows what else. Murderers in Australia are shown more compassion than Mr. Hicks.



On “Flawed, but fascinating and relevant: A review of March of the Penguins

Excellent review. Apparently there is another aspect of the film that the filmmaker doesn’t address: What will happen to these penguins when global warming results in there being a total absence of “thicker ice that won’t melt during the summer”?


Brooklyn, New York

* * *

I’m secretly delighted that this documentary is beating out the brainless offerings of Hollywood this summer. It must humble those gigantic egos in tinsel town to know that their talents don’t measure up to the natural ability of penguins who don’t even realize that they’re stars in a major box office smash hit. It gives me hope that the American public can recognize and appreciate an artful, intelligent film if and when one is actually offered.


Columbus, Ohio

On “Soaring prices, risky mortgages: Is the US housing boom turning toward bust?

Regarding the easily obtainable mortgages, you have to wonder if the lenders, in the end, will make out better by encouraging easy money knowing that if interest rates rise there will be a multitude of foreclosures. Lenders seem to be making money on these homes because of the large number of house flippers bidding for the foreclosures on the steps of the courthouse. Is it possible the lenders are hoping for foreclosures? Also, who will ultimately pick up the tab for this irresponsibility? The tax payer...


On “US: children left abandoned by factory immigration raid


Your article on this hits home with me! I live in a small poor town in Iowa. We have a poultry plant here as well. I am white and have the privilege that goes with it! I am very aware of my town’s exploitation and institutionalized racism.


West Liberty, Iowa

On “Joseph Kay replies to letters on Thomas Friedman, Saddam Hussein and the term ‘socialist’

I must compliment Joseph Kay for his cool headed, rational response to criticism. Mr. Kay’s responses reveal a well-ordered mind and control of facts that are as admirable as his ability to articulate them.


3 August 2005