Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “The media and Cindy Sheehan

Thank you so much for your article about Cindy Sheehan. The two newspapers I read every day have to balance their short articles about her with the pure crap of the right-wing echo machine. Last night, I attended a candlelit vigil for Cindy and all of those in Crawford. It was beautiful. Your article helped me feel like I was almost there, which I so wish I could be.


18 August 2005

* * *

The Bush administration’s problem with Cindy Sheehan is that this isn’t about partisan politics—it’s about us. Every one of us who have draft-age children have had to ask if we were willing to sacrifice our sons and daughters for Bush’s war, his blood-drenched adventure to win a “place in history,” and the majority have said, “No! Absolutely not!”


Wisconsin 18 August 2005

On “Growing support for Cindy Sheehan protest against Iraq war

Being a political novice, Cindy Sheehan committed the unforgivable sin of mentioning Israel (and the largely Likudnik PNAC) as having played a part in dragging the US into the Iraq mess. Watch what happens to her this week. She’ll be branded an anti-Semite. The Democrats, some of whom were toying with the idea of adopting her as a mascot, will abandon her—the same way Howard Dean denounced the folks who were trying to wake the press up about the Downing Street Memo because one of their number mentioned Israel in connection with the war on Iraq.

Mrs. Sheehan will soon learn that having truth and righteousness on her side is of no help in American public life.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

16 August 2005


I live in Canada and totally support Cindy Sheehan and others in this matter (so do many people I know). I can’t believe Bush didn’t stop and speak with her. I don’t think he would like it if a relative went to war and got killed! (But of course they wouldn’t go!) The war in Iraq is a mess and should never have happened.


Ontario, Canada

15 August 2005

On “9/11 commission told of Atta cover-up

My brother sent me the link to the article you wrote on the revelations by Lt. Col. Shaffer. As United Kingdom citizens, who were in any case against the invasion of Iraq, we are not at all surprised, as we also have a leader who likes to tell untruths and keep us in the dark. The latest attempt, of course, being the shooting of the innocent Brazilian man following the bombings in London. No one with any morality wants to see innocent people die in such a dreadful way, and even to consider allowing an attack to go ahead when it could have been stopped is simply beyond belief. Is there no honor in politics anymore? I truly despair of the world leaders who abuse their power and expect us to support them. Where will it all end? I feel real shame that I actually went ahead and voted for “New Labour” at the last election. I have been a socialist forever, and no one with a conscience could have voted for the Tory leader, Michael Howard, with his racist policies. No doubt millions of American citizens are now feeling the same about their president. We gave Blair and Bush their chance, and now they’ve blown it. SAB

Paignton, United Kingdom

20 August 2005

On “The Israeli state and the ultra-right settler movement

An excellent article, well written and very informative. Keep up the good work. One sentence particularly intrigued me. For many years I accepted a two-state solution. However, after President Bush announced and supported his “road map,” I came to the conclusion that a two-state solution was no longer possible. Gaza has only strengthened this conclusion. Only a single, democratic, secular state in which Arabs, Jews and Christians (or anyone else) are completely equal before the law can end this conflict. Unfortunately, I do not foresee either Muslim, Jew or Christian accepting this solution.


Fuengirola, Spain

20 August 2005

* * *

An excellent series. Thank you.


Professor Emeritus, University of Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

18 August 2005

* * *

Thank you, Jean and WSWS. I am glad to see that you are impartial even when it concerns Israel. I have known what you are saying for some time, and I am glad to see you are doing an article on how Israel was formed. It is no different from any other nation, controlled by the wealthy, evil and greedy few at the expense of the masses. Continue to expose the lies, deceit and downright evil perpetrated on the common man everywhere.


15 August 2005

On “Striking Northwest Airlines mechanics face union-busting assault

I have flown Northwest Airlines for many years on personal and family real estate business. I very much appreciate your support of these workers!


20 August 2005

On “After killing of Sri Lankan minister, clamour for war grows in Colombo

Yours is a very analytical and unbiased article. We need more such articles to educate the masses in Sri Lanka.


Northridge, California

20 August 2005

On “Airport catering workers still sacked at Heathrow airport

Thank you for your in-depth coverage of this strike. As usual, the corporate media either ignored this event or focused on the inconvenience caused to international travelers. Your publication is one of the few that consistently reports on matters of interest to the working class. I must also compliment the WSWS on its film reviews, which are always thought-provoking and insightful. I am an independent filmmaker and am trying to live up to the aesthetic and ideological challenges that David Walsh and your other critics pose to the contemporary American film industry.

Sincerely, BC

San Francisco, California

19 August 2005