Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “New revelations expose police, media cover-up: The Guardian and the de Menezes killing

Whoever is responsible for the execution of Charles De Menezes should be brought to account for their actions. On the day that it happened, I had a horrific discussion with people about how terrible it was that a man could be shot in front of passengers in a train. Although there was agreement with my view, people then thought because of the reasons given by the media—“he was a terrorist suspected of being involved in the July bombing”—that it was justified to some degree. Now that the lies have been exposed and he was no more acting suspicious than any other traveler that day, people I spoke to that day have changed their view.

Terrorism is wrong, but so is shooting an innocent man, and is this just not another form of terrorism? I would certainly have been terrified by the police had I been on that train. Anyone now using the tube not only in London but countrywide will to a certain degree feel unsafe, more from their own police force than from suicide bombers.

Suicide bombers will not be put off by a shoot to kill policy. They are willing to die for their cause. They will only find other ways to wreak havoc. The shoot to kill policy and the attitude of this government to Muslims will only encourage others to join extremist groups and make it even more dangerous for everyone. SH

22 August 2005

* * *

Your story about the Guardian’s cover-up of the police murder of an innocent man lends new weight to the saying, “Yes, we have freedom of the press—if you own a printing press.”


Whitehall, Pennsylvania

22 August 2005

On “More lies from the British police on the de Menezes murder

I suggest you send this excellent article to the Guardian and/or Independent English newspapers. It is well researched and written and needs to be read in England. We are fast becoming a police state with Blair’s anti-terrorist laws, while he sunbathes in designer shorts in Barbados.


London, England

25 August 2005

On “Christian Coalition leader Pat Robertson calls for assassination of Venezuelan president

The same day Pat Robertson declared a Christian Fatwa to kill the Venezuelan President (things up until now only done in the Middle East by Sharon or by the mullahs, at least openly), the US Navy sent an aircraft carrier and other vessels to Curacao, a few miles off the Venezuelan coast, without previously announcing it to the Venezuelan government. The Venezuelan Ambassador complained on CNN. Venezuelan Vice President Rangel rightfully called Robertson’s threat “terrorist.”

MM 24 August 2005

* * *

So a Christian religious leader and our Christian President believe that the way to control the world is to assassinate those leaders they do not agree with. President Bush (Castro) - Pat Robertson (Hugo Chavez). Murder is Murder whether George Bush or Pat Robertson approves of disapproves. So it looks like instead of a Department Of Peace the present administration will have a Department of Assassinations. There is a Federal Law that states that Assassinations are prohibited but I do not remember reading of any penalties for those who recommend or carry out such deeds. I do not believe in the death penalty but I would say that any American, from the President on down that authorized the assassination of another country’s President or Leader should be immediately recalled and not allowed to hold any such office at any time later.


Wilton, Wisconsin

24 August 2005

* * *

One need only compare the media’s treatment of Robertson’s criminal and terroristic ratings with the “yell” that ended Howard Dean’s run for the White House to see how they operate. Howard Dean was labeled “insane” while Robertson is given a free pass as some sort of jovial old curmudgeon. PK

24 August 2005

* * *

Now, with such a fresh and undisputable display of what the contemporary America is, I am suggesting that you have the moral obligation to unleash a strong and persuasive campaign to unmask the hideous face of imperialism.


24 August 2005

On “What would genuine nonconformism look like?

I work at a literary agency in Hollywood and just read your article on Jarmusch. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I thought it was. I am very impressed. It resonates with my view, and I completely agree with you.


Los Angeles, California

25 August 2005

On “Father of Australian Guantánamo prisoner speaks to the WSWS

To say Terry Hicks is to be commended for his bravery in speaking out about the conditions in which his son (and the sons of so many) is being held in Guantanamo is an understatement. Too many people have, and would, just be fearfully quiet in such a horrible situation. I hope others will see his actions as a call to conscience, a call to get rid of the governments which create these hideous scenarios.


Portland, Oregon

25 August 2005

On “After killing of Sri Lankan minister, clamour for war grows in Colombo

Dear Sir, I really appreciate your way of writing and I will look forward to reading more articles from you. It is my obligation and my interest to read and analyse all different views of Sri Lanka. May I thank you for presenting a realistic picture of the current situation in Sri Lanka to the international community.

Many warm greetings,

MP Paul Ranjith Willms
MP Third Chamber of The Netherlands
24 August 2005