Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “Lawrence Tribe’s paean to Rehnquist: a liberal pays tribute to reaction”

Thank god I’m an atheist and for the WSWS. The spin stops at WSWS, not at Faux News. In very rare instances the mainstream media meet their obligation to inform and not conform. Every time a neo-con or old-time unreconstructed reactionary writes or speaks of left-wing media, it boggles my mind. The mainstream media swallow spin and purvey it according to the adage, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with baloney.”


Whitehall, Pennsylvania

10 September 2005

On “Australian government unveils legal framework for police state”

Regarding the forced deportation from Australia of peace activist Scott Parkin, in my opinion this is one of the most momentous stories in the history of Australia. That a peaceful proponent of nonviolent dissent against the corporatisation of society (in particular against the venal Halliburton corporation) should be arbitrarily arrested, detained without charge, and forcibly deported from “the lucky country,” in clear violation of Australia’s obligations under Article 9 of the International Declaration of Civil and Political Rights, simply beggars belief. Particularly in light of the oppressive laws being mooted by the Howard junta, I urge the WSWS board to follow this story very closely, and to keep readers worldwide informed as to the state of “democracy” in this country.


Hopetoun, Australia

12 September 2005

On “Democratic governor in Tennessee oversees drastic Medicaid cuts”

The degradation of the health care in the state of Tennessee is symptomatic of the worsening health-care infrastructure of the whole country, and there seems to be no end in sight. With our present administration committed to a war of attrition that we cannot win, and with the political system corrupted by the religious right, there is no apparent likelihood of a change in direction that could fix or even attempt to fix the situation. We are going to have to put up with worsening conditions until it becomes obvious that a national health-care system based on preventative medicine is implemented.


Eveleth, Minnesota

30 August 2005

On “‘Stop-loss’ orders prevent soldiers from leaving US Army”

I would like to comment on your article. My husband is serving his second tour of duty in Iraq and is 100 percent sure he will be separating from military after his ETS. Our reason for getting out after seven years? Simple: the government lies. They sucker these poor service members into the military with the promise of bonuses and such. Our last (re-enlistment) contract states that we would receive a bonus of 1.1 Alpha (or approx. $7,000). A year later, nothing! We have been fighting for our entitlements now for a year and have had the contract reviewed by several military officials. We get one excuse after another, but each person tells us: “Yeah, it is breached. Oh well, what can you do?” If the government stopped lying and screwing over those who are brave enough to sign on the dotted line, then more and more service members would stay in. But they are wise enough to do their “sentence” and get out, and the government’s answer? Stop-loss, because they can keep soldiers involuntarily and not have to honor our contracts even though it is in black and white. Do these poor service members have the option to breach their end, and walk away from the military without penalty, after their contract is breached? No, and that is a damn shame. I encourage everyone to wake up and avoid going into the military! Never believe that just because it is on paper in black and white, that it is legal with the government, because only after they have you signed in, then you are told, “Oops, sorry, we lied.”


28 August 2005

On “Dengue outbreak in Sri Lanka highlights deteriorating public health services”

In Calcutta the situation is more or less similar to Sri Lanka, with the government reacting as casually. People are dying, especially little children. The government is passing the buck. Please communicate in this regard.


Calcutta, India

7 September 2005

On “Martha Stewart: the indictment of an American icon”

Hello. I just had the privilege of reading this article you wrote a few years ago. I would like to wholeheartedly commend your report as beautifully expressed and crafted. It is so refreshing to receive a briefing from an author whose head is not so deeply buried in the proverbial sand of rediculum that so much media is. Your revelation of the criminal “justice” system’s inconsistency had an eye-opening feature that I am particularly grateful for. As a diligent student of history and the Bible, I often read reports of the general worldwide corruption that has been such a lamentable part of all recorded history. However, it was good for me to read this modern specific example and to see the workings of deception play out across a so-called educated nation. Do you think there is a solution to inconsistency in the “justice system”? Do you think the time will ever come when the general populace is not blinded to the reality of the governmental, commercial, and religious deceptive acts?


South El Monte, California

12 September 2005

On the World Socialist Web Site

Incredible! This is the best news source that I’ve ever seen. I am so sick of TV and TV “news” that I’ve given up and haven’t looked back (except for the “Daily Show”). No sports, no entertainment, no celebrity crap, and best of all no right-wing agenda fluff and filler. Just think, right now I could be relaxing watching FOX “news,” lulled into a coma by celebrity gossip, the dangers of black people and a very special dog who can bark happy birthday....


Lakefield, Canada

13 September 2005

* * *

Good Work! I just wanted to comment on the good work of the views you have written about on this site. I came across this site by accident, and I am totally hooked. I believe in better equality regardless of race, colour or religious background. I have just started on a small scale an indigenous political party on Palm Island, and it is with a sad heart to see that we are not the only people to go through similar problems. In closing, I want to thank you again for this site. Keep up the hard work, as it is not in vain. Take care and keep strong.


Palm Island

Queensland, Australia

15 September 2005