The PSG (Socialist Equality Party—Germany) election spot

The Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (Socialist Equality Party of Germany—PSG) is running eight candidates in Germany’s national elections, to be held September 18. Having been accepted by the Federal Electoral Commission and officially placed on the ballot in four states, the PSG has access to radio and television outlets to promote its campaign.

The party has already produced a 90-second TV spot which will be shown on Germany’s two main public TV channels as well as regional radio and TV channels. The spot will broadcast on 8 separate occasions.

The German language election spot can be downloaded from the PSG election site at gleichheit.de/wahlsite, which provides details of when the spot will be broadcast.

The election spot text reads as follows:

“These prematurely called elections inaugurate a new round of political and social attacks. But opposition is growing throughout Europe.

“We, the Socialist Equality Party, are taking part in this election in order to provide this opposition an international socialist orientation.

“New forms of production and modern technology present mankind with unprecedented possibilities for development. But instead, there is a growing tendency toward social inequality, the destruction of democratic rights and the threat of war. None of these problems can be resolved within the framework of the nation state.

“There is only one response to global corporations that blackmail their employees by playing off one factory against another: workers must develop their own international strategy based on mutual solidarity and collaboration.

“For this reason we are resolutely opposed to Oskar Lafontaine and the Left Party. Lafontaine’s recent warning of the danger of so-called “foreign workers” was no slip of the tongue, but was rather programmatic. Lafontaine wants a strong German-French axis dominating Europe, which will able to assert itself against the rest of the world. This is a thoroughly nationalist perspective which divides working people.

“We, the Socialist Equality Party, are part of the Fourth International which fought for decades against the betrayals and opportunism of social democracy and Stalinism.

“Support the election campaign of the Trotskyists!

“Vote for the Socialist Equality Party—PSG!

“Read our daily website—the World Socialist Web Site!”