Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “New York Times Friedman proposes ‘endgame’ bloodbath in Iraq”

Thank you for your exposé of the dangerous writings of Thomas Friedman. If he were writing for some fringe publication it would be easy to dismiss him as he ought to be, however it is a testament of the moral depravity of our country that he should be granted one of the highest journalistic platforms to press his call for occupation, incarceration and murder. Thank you and please continue to hold our press and our country accountable for what is said and done.


2 October 2005

* * *

Excellent synopsis of an evil mouthpiece for the US government. How much would you say he benefits monetarily for his gift of language and deceit? Because someone that is as morally decrepit, and who’s heart is as black as his (Friedman) only lives for money, fame and possessions. There is nothing left of their hearts, they lie, they cheat and they steal and know they are doing it and relish in it, the same as a man-eating lion does.

It’s getting deeper and deeper for those that oppose the Truth. They are running out of excuses, lies and fairy tales. They will soon be left to be eaten alive by their own conscience which all men have and cannot escape. They have already passed the point of no return. This includes all who defend the war no matter where they come from or what their social position or race. They can only oppress, suppress and attack with futile and blind rage at the global masses in opposition to this bloody regime.

They will not be remembered when this world is through and man’s carnage cannot continue. Their sins are too numerous for repentance.


1 October 2005

On “William Bennett’s ‘hypothetical’ on racial genocide”

Thank you for this article. It helped connect the seemingly off-the-cuff comments of a Republican hypocrite with the serious intellectual underpinnings of fascism, eugenics and genocide. I have been alarmed by the outrageous racism and classism expressed by Barbara Bush in the middle of the Katrina catastrophe. Now I can place these comments in context with the terrible events of the ethnic cleansing in New Orleans, the police-state tactics embedded in the Patriot Act, the militarization of the country, and the undemocratic and unequal foundation of economic globalization.


3 October 2005

* * *

What most surprised me about this event was the identity of the person who made the comment. William Bennett is, after all, the author of the Book of Virtues and as such would be considered a pillar of bourgeois morality, morality “in general.” To hear of such a comment from this preacher of (“above-class”) morality impresses with renewed force the correctness of the Marxist conception. Trotsky was right when he wrote that in the period of imperialist decline, “above-class” morality gives way to the morality of proletarian revolution and fascist counterrevolution. The role of official morality is well known to you, but it is striking for me to see another confirmation of morality’s position in the class struggle.



3 October 2005

* * *

Thanks for a great analysis touching many of the important bases. Especially worth noting was the fact of the Wall Street Journal column appearing as a follow-up, which seems to reinforce our worst fears. I find myself wondering if this is all a sop to Bush’s base, to assure them that he is just as mean-spirited as ever.

I would like to add one other point based on my experience as a school psychologist (now retired). It was a job that taxed my understanding of how failing students could be helped, given that social factors were not about to change. (This was in the sixties.) Fortunately I had been trained in psychoanalytic ego psychology, which gave me a good foundation for understanding the role of psychological factors. Unfortunately, this whole branch of psychology has now been trashed and thus it is no wonder that the public is misled by the specious arguments of a Murray. I wish my fellow liberals would take some interest in recovering this heritage, which has been supplemented, not disproved, by recent biochemical discoveries. And of course this integrated theory is especially distasteful to the Religious Right, which automatically assumes that anything put forward by an atheist Jew (double whammy) must be the work of Satan.


3 October 2005

On “Bush seizes on flu threat to press for martial law power”

Excellent article. This is the one story that has really stuck out the last two days from the mass media. On Tuesday were the reports on the disease, its deadly character, and the fact that, no matter what, the US could only get its hands on two million vaccinations. Then, yesterday, the reports of the military quarantining whole cities in the US. And not one voice was raised in criticism of this obvious ploy to institute a military dictatorship. I read a few criticisms, but none of this specific feature of the policy being promulgated by the federal weasels.

If we needed any more evidence that the bourgeois media has abrogated their duty as journalists to act as the watchdog of the government, this would be it. Two million vaccinations—that might be enough for the goons at the top, but it doesn’t even come close to being enough for their lackeys in the media itself. But, then, what about all of the medical people who will have to give the vaccinations, how about the self-same military who will be doing the quarantining, or even the local goon squads.

Then of course, there is this question: We saw how the government during the Katrina disaster just let people die in the streets without coming to their aid. And, after the fact, we have heard that New Orleans has for all intents and purposes been cleansed of it’s “underclass.” Just recently, we had a mover-and-shaker in the neo-conservative movement floating the idea of a final solution. So what are the odds that these sadistic bastards will mutate the disease themselves and infect the population?

They have been attempting with might and main for the last five years to institute a fascistic regime, with each attempt becoming ever more obvious to the population at large and more provocative. There isn’t that much of a stretch from starving people in the streets and issuing shoot-to-kill orders against a population looking for food and water to euthanizing whole populations.

A pandemic virus breaking out, with the military taking control of the major population centers would give them the wherewithal to stage unlimited military adventures and other fascistic social measures that the ruling elite needs to impose to continue its rule, without having to deal with mass social discontent. (Or, at the very least, give them the option of shooting down anyone publicly who expresses said discontent.)


Las Vegas, Nevada

7 October 2005

* * *

It seems obvious to me that the present government does not have any interest in properly preparing for a possible flu pandemic. They do, however, have an interest in repealing the Posse Comitatus Act that forbids the use of federal troops for police action. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, they floated this issue in the media. Immediately, members of all the armed services said that it was a bad idea. This was echoed by members of Congress and the private sector. They decided based on these responses that a new fear-based strategy was needed to give legs to their effort to repeal this important piece of US law. Thus, President Bush gave a speech saying, in essence, that you will die from bird flu unless this law is repealed, which is ludicrous.

President Bush majored in history at Yale but it appears that he missed the lecture on the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. The military and military facilities were used extensively to provide for the victims. There was no need for police action from the military. Either his administration’s interpretation of this law is grossly in error compared to well-documented precedent or they have another motive for seeking the repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act. Proper preparation for a pandemic would require Bush and his cohorts to listen to scientists and they have never found this option in their best interest.


7 October 2005

On “Bush picks right-wing crony for Supreme Court”

My dictionary gives the following definition of “delusion”: “Psychiatry. A fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact: a paranoid delusion.” Your article today tells us: “White House speechwriter David Frum, reported that Miers had once told him George W. Bush was “the most brilliant man she had ever met.” I question whether Harriet Miers has sufficient mental health to serve on the Supreme Court.


Aurora, Illinois

5 October 2005

On “Northwest and Delta executives to make millions from bankruptcies”

The barbarians are not at the gate anymore. They are pillaging the city and burning down what they can’t steal, sell or otherwise exploit in their own favor. The suit and tie have become, for me, the easiest way to spot a criminal in the crowd. These corporate executives are nothing more than a crime gang and should be behind bars. It’s appalling what they are allowed to get away with and then turn around and say there is “no money” to pay for their employees’ wages, health care and pension funds. They should be made to repay all the cash they stole and restore it to the workers. And then throw away the key!


San Francisco

5 October 2005

On “Britain: police chief insists ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy remains in force”

I am not at all surprised by the “shoot-to-kill” policy of the British police. The British Army and RUC have had this policy in place for decades in Northern Ireland.


Melbourne, Australia

5 October 2005