Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “Bush White House crisis deepens: The contradictions of the Miers nomination”

I wanted to thank you for yet another well-written article regarding the Miers nomination. I think you have hit upon the essential issue here; nobody thinks for a moment that Miers is some kind of stealth moderate. Rather, the far right wishes to use the opportunity to create a full-out fight against the Democrats. You are correct in pointing out that the Democrats provide a necessary cover for Bush’s antidemocratic right-wing agenda. However, I think you make an error in claiming that the far right is “disingenuous” in claiming it seeks a brawl with the Democrats. The far right has succumbed to its own propaganda and no longer believes that it needs even the pretense of democracy to achieve its agenda. However, Bush and the others actually wielding power recognize the weakness of their position and the danger of social revolution if the real nature of their agenda were publicly understood.

The conflict between the far right and the President is thus one of tactics, not principle; the far right mistakenly believes it no longer needs the Democratic Party.


11 October 2005

* * *

Bush needs quick confirmation of obedient votes on the Court, in case he plans military supervision of elections, which would lead to a case even more crucial than Bush v. Gore.


Guerneville, California

11 October 2005

* * *

I found this article helpful in penetrating the deceptions of this diabolical administration. Patrick reveals that the Bush people are not democratically trying to persuade their opponents to accept their agenda. They are utilizing the tools of Machiavelli to surreptitiously install a police state to protect their oppressive economic system. The author spells out their program of “war, destruction of social programs, and attacks on democratic rights.” Patrick Martin has helped me realize that the feelings of rage, fear, confusion and anger that the Bush people elicit from me are quite justified.


10 October 2005

On “The Australian media on the origins of terrorism”

Great article Nick. Our press really sucks doesn’t it? I can remember when The Australian was a halfway decent paper back in the ’60s, but look at it now. And even The Age gives space to reactionaries these days. I suppose they call that balanced coverage. Thank God we have WSWS and Green Left Weekly.


Goulburn, Australia

12 October 2005

On “Australian government instigates move to jail journalists”

This government is the most destructive ever to have taken power. Freedom of speech only exists when it’s in a positive light for liberals. How can they be so hypercritical regarding democratic rights? Why should any journalist relinquish their source? If the truth was told in the first place by the government there would be no story. Mr. Howard forgets it’s tax payers’ money being used, not his own. If it weren’t for some journalists, we would never know the truth. It is our right as Australians to know the truth of what’s really going on in our country and parliament. Why is this government so intent on keeping the truth from us?


Perth, Australia

11 October 2005

On Donald Trump and New Orleans

I am writing to suggest that you do an article on Donald Trump’s recent eyeing of real estate in devastated New Orleans. I watched an interview with him and was not surprised by his lack of empathy for the people of the region. Instead of talking about helping people or rebuilding the infrastructure, all he could focus on was profit and land speculation. He is really the embodiment of everything corrupt and inhuman in the free market, a cold self-aggrandizing machine of wealth and conquest.


10 October 2005

On “Turkey: trampling of free speech continues—Novelist Orhan Pamuk faces jail terms”

Thank you for your article on Orhan Pamuk. I have read some of his works and was struck by his sense of humanity. Are there any organizations that are taking up his cause? I would like to add my name to any petition protesting the Turkish government’s repression of this unique voice.

Kind regards,


South Africa

10 October 2005