Socialism, culture and American political life:

WSWS Arts Editor David Walsh to speak in San Francisco

On April 27, David Walsh, arts editor and film critic for the World Socialist Web Site, will give a talk at San Francisco State University entitled “Socialism, culture and American political life.” Walsh will be attending the San Francisco International Film Festival held from April 20-May 4, and will be reviewing films shown there for the WSWS.

Walsh will speak on the issues confronting artists, workers and students grappling with the crisis of culture in contemporary American life: How is the state of culture today related to the political environment in the US? What are some of the difficulties (historical circumstances, intellectual atmosphere) holding artists back? What is the role of artistic culture in preparing the groundwork for radical social change? How will the eruption of social upheavals and the emergence of a mass movement against the foundations of capitalism help clarify artists and intellectuals?

During the question period, Walsh will also be available to discuss the Socialist Equality Party 2006 election campaign.

We welcome all readers of the WSWS, including those participating in the San Francisco film festival, to attend the meeting. The details are as follows:

Thursday, April 27, 2006

8:00-9:30 p.m.
1650 Holloway Avenue
Room T-143, Cesar Chavez Student Center
San Francisco State University
San Francisco, California

For a map of the meeting area, click here

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