Letters on alleged terrorist plot in Canada

On “Canadian government, media use alleged terrorist plot to push right-wing agenda”

I have been following this story with great interest and agree completely that these events are being used by the government to justify their right-wing agenda and bolster their war plans against Afghanistan. I have been posting to as many mainstream media web sites as possible since this story erupted. There are so many flaws in the official story that it’s amazing that the public is buying into it. We need more writers like yourself to spread the word about the spin that the MSM is putting on this story. At the very least, we need to give the “suspects” the benefit of a fair trial.


7 June 2006

* * *

I saw it coming for a while. Harper harshly criticized Jean Chretien for not getting involved with the coalition of idiots, remember? They are not very original. One would think they would come up with something that stands after the scandalous US invasion of Iraq, but no, it’s the same crap. Except that this time, no one was hurt as in the 9/11 set-up. I knew that if this guy ever came into power, Canada wouldn’t be a peacekeeping nation anymore. And look! He hasn’t been there a year yet and we already can’t recognize our country. He managed to get us at war with Afghanistan, and it won’t end up there.

The Beast’s tentacles are reaching and invading this continent. No wonder the Arabs call America “the Great Satan”!


Sunshine Coast, British Colombia, Canada

7 June 2006

On “Sensational charges, lurid headlines in alleged Toronto terrorist plot”

Your article today is right to caution everyone to wait and see what this is all about. I’m inclined to believe the public is being set up and manipulated for tighter security and strengthening the undemocratic legislation that already has this country moving towards becoming a fascist state. When our government decided to send combat troops to support the Afghanistan war and the war criminals of the Bush administration, Canadians can expect to face some level of response eventually for the violence and death our troops have inflicted on Afghan people.

In fact, I think our federal government and the Bush administration were hoping for some such response (even if it may have had to embellish or orchestrate all or most of this “terrorist” threat) to argue Canada’s US-led foreign policy was therefore warranted.

Apparently fabricating lies to wage an illegal war is becoming the standard policy of the “democratic” West.



8 June 2006

* * *

When I first heard about the Canadian terror plots, I got sick to my stomach knowing in all probability it was an intelligence fake timed directly to Bush’s lowest popularity ratings among other things. I try to tell people that unless they know what intelligence around the globe is doing that they should not watch TV or buy newspapers. I am grateful to your article exposing it as a possible 9/11 conspiracy of Western governments, intelligence, global elite, etc.

People are so suggestive. A person has to work hard to hear the truth. You cannot just pick up the remote for the TV or any of the mainstream papers or magazines.


9 June 2006

On “Why did Canada’s security agency allow the terror plot to grow?”

I have no access to any “hidden” information, but taking into consideration known facts and using logic has brought me to the following conclusions:

1. The group arrested on terrorism-related charges had supposedly planned to storm Parliament, seize politicians and behead the prime minister;

2. An alleged plot to take MPs hostage on Parliament Hill was abandoned at an early stage because the suspects—who hail from southern Ontario—knew little about Ottawa;

3. Yet, our politicians and media has played this tune over and over again. Why?

The childish activities of the 17 terror-related suspects could have been true and could have been observed by Canadian authorities for a long time. However, the manipulation of minors into a sting operation must have been known to CSIS and RCMP to have zero potential in court. Therefore, there must have been another reason to go ahead with this otherwise stupid operation. Plus, the timing could not have been better.

It is clear to me now that this was done to justify the increase in security in and around Ottawa for the June 8-11 secret meeting of the Bilderberg Group.



11 June 2006