Letters from our readers

On “On the official US response to the killing of Zarqawi”

It is disturbing to see the coverage on this almost non-event that will make no difference in any way to our involvement in Iraq and the terrorism that the US has caused. The whole “war on terrorism” was created by Bush and his cohorts. The glee at death and carnage disgusts me; I have not read or watched the news for days since this event, as their approach disgusts me. I cannot even begin to imagine what the rest of the world must think of the bloodthirsty Americans and their dead-or-alive “president.” The WSWS is the only site with a sane view.


10 June 2006

* * *

Thank you for being (tragically) the only ones voicing my exact thoughts about how bloodthirsty the US has become!


12 June 2006

On “Unanswered questions in the killing of Zarqawi”

It seems to me, upon reading the accounts and looking at the gruesome picture of Zarqawi dead on the slab, that this was no ordinary air strike. If anything, it’s more consistent with a contract killing. Granted, Zarqawi was a dangerous man, but he was just another pawn in the great neo-imperialist shell game. He served the purpose of temporary bogeyman, and when he was no longer a necessary, useful pawn, the criminal US military government, with the aid of corporate sycophants once known as the media, disposed of him.

This may anger a lot of people, but then, the war criminals, theocrats, and robber barons running the US government into its own hell hole disgust me because they are the real terrorists and need to be dragged in front of an international tribunal, thrown into prison for the rest of their lives and have the keys thrown away, making certain they never have a chance to be set free.


Glasgow, Scotland

14 June 2006

* * *

If the whole situation in Iraq wasn’t so bloody tragic, it would be laughable.


Malden Bridge, New York

15 June 2006

On “Three prisoners commit suicide in Guantánamo gulag”

A senior sycophant at the US state department calls the three suicides a PR ploy. Others call the suicides an underhanded guerilla tactic in the war on “terror.” This opens a new vista for historians. The deaths from 1933 to 1945 in German-run prisons and prison camps can now be called a cynical PR ploy by Jews, homosexuals, and communists. The deaths in Soviet gulags may also be labeled cheap PR ploys by prisoners. Blaming the dead victims will be a new way to defame the dead martyrs and deny crimes against humanity.

I think this was tried before, and the “big lie” was discredited.


Whitehall, Pennsylvania

12 June 2006

On “Canada’s corporate media incites public panic over alleged terror plot”

Just writing to thank you for your excellent piece. While the twisted nature of Canada’s corporate media isn’t exactly news to us, I find it comforting to read an article such as yours that puts things into perspective and convinces us that real journalism still exists.


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

13 June 2006

On “Bush in Baghdad”

Thanks for your accurate and good report on Bush in Baghdad today. Some of the things that are going on under our present administration are so completely unbelievable, I shake my head in shame. What you said is right on—that Iraq is not an independent country; it’s a conquered province of the US empire. Well said! That very much confirms what Michael Parenti writes about in his book Against Empire, which I am currently reading.


Dallas, Texas, US

14 June 2006

* * *

Hello, I found your article very interesting and logical. I think you hit the nail on the head.


16 June 2006

On “Britain: Lessons of the Forest Gate anti-terror raid”

After the De Menezes affair, one does not know what has happened, and what has gone on other than compromised MI5 police reports. In the past, if there was no evidence, it could be planted. Now, evidence isn’t required, as the whole show is there to justify that there is a “war on terror.”

We are coming up to the one-year anniversary of the London bombings, which are so riddled with questions that only a Citizens Inquiry could look into what has happened, not get any answers, of course. Who has been shot, how, in what way, and by whom and why we will never know as the police reveal the stories and they change like a Harry Potter story daily. The show occurs to justify state-orchestrated provocations to justify global wars.


13 June 2006

On “US prison population continues to soar in 2005”

Thank you for pointing out the link between “welfare reform” and prisons. An interesting aspect of this link is seen in the significant increase in jobs going to both prison labor and those who were funneled into workfare. Both are used on a massive (and increasing) scale to do work (often in jobs subcontracted from some of our wealthiest corporations) at a fraction of the legal minimum wage. This spares corporations the cost and bother of moving American jobs to Third World nations. The general US population, having no concern for either prisoners or the poor, remains unaware of the impact that this super-cheap labor has on their own wages. More people are laid off from their jobs, replaced by workfare/prison labor; a portion of the laid-off workers will be forced to fall back on workfare, replacing other workers (but at this super-low wage), and on and on it spirals.


Wisconsin, US

14 June 2006

On “Australian government steps up campaign to oust East Timor’s prime minister Mari Alkatiri”

As always, you spoke the truth. It is bitter for some, including the Howard Government. The prime minister is a democratically elected representative of East Timor, and any attempt to oust him by hook or crook is against the democratic norms. I am surprised to learn, from the foreign media, the claim of Tilman, who showed his interest to sit down with another 20 so-called intellectuals (bunch of idiots) and decide to amend or change the constitution of East Timor. Who gave him that power? Is he above the law?


12 June 2006