SEP (US) launches election web site

The Socialist Equality Party (US) today launches the web site for its campaign in the 2006 elections. We are running seven candidates in states across the country for both state and local office, and are presently conducting petition drives to place our candidates on the ballot for US Congress in Michigan and California and for State Senate in Illinois.

The SEP 2006 campaign calls for the immediate withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. We fight for social equality and for an end to the assault on the democratic rights and living standards of the working class. This requires a fight for the political independence of the working class on the basis of socialist policies; above all a break with the two big-business parties, the Democrats and Republicans. The SEP campaign insists on the necessity for a common struggle of workers in the US in alliance with workers in every part of the world.

The SEP 2006 election site provides biographical information about our candidates, press releases and statements, and other campaign material. It will also provide up-to-date information on the campaigns, including public meetings and candidate appearances. We urge WSWS readers to visit the new site, and to contact us to register your support or to make a financial contribution.

In the upcoming period we will be holding public meetings in Portland, Oregon; Southfield, Michigan; and Pasadena, California:

Portland, Oregon—Christie Schaefer for State Senate, 19th District
Saturday, June 17, 2-4 p.m.
Hillsdale Library Meeting Room
1525 S.W. Sunset Blvd Location Map

Southfield, Michigan—Jerome White for US Congress, 12th District
Thursday, June 22, 7 p.m.
26000 Evergreen Rd. (across from the public library)

Pasadena, California—John Burton for US Congress, 29th District
Thursday, June 22, 7 p.m.
Pasadena Public Library
San Raphael Branch, 1240 Nithsdale Road