SEP candidate for Oregon legislature to speak at public meeting

The SEP candidate for state legislature in Oregon’s 19th state senate, Christie Schaefer, will speak at a public meeting in the Portland suburb of West Linn on Tuesday, July 25. Schaefer will address the Israeli invasion and bombardment of Lebanon and the social crisis in Oregon.

Petitioning is now under way to place Schaefer’s name on the November general election ballot for the state legislature. Supporters of the SEP candidate must gather the signatures of 750 registered voters by August 29. Due to Oregon’s onerous requirements for gaining ballot status as a recognized party, Schaefer, a service worker, will be seeking ballot status as an independent, without party affiliation.

Oregon’s public schools are in grave financial distress, even as taxes are lowered on business. As reported in an April 16, 2006, Oregonian article, Intel Corporation, listed by Fortune magazine as the 49th largest corporation in the US, with a 2005 income of $12.6 billion, may be required to pay only Oregon’s minimum corporate tax of $10 in 2006. This is one of many global corporations in Oregon that pay the minimum tax.

The state of Oregon has the lowest corporate taxes in the US. That has not stopped the clamor of the Republicans, Democrats and corporations for new tax cuts and the implementation of a regressive sales tax that would disproportionately impact the poor and working class.

SEP supporters are over halfway towards collecting the minimum target of 750 signatures to place Schaefer on the ballot, but plan to go well over that number. A recent change in the Oregon ballot access requirements, which prevents those who voted in the primary election from signing independent nominating petitions, has increased the difficulty faced by third party candidates. The new requirements were spearheaded by Oregon Democrats and reflect their fear of the growing alienation of working class voters from their increasingly right-wing agenda.

All those interested in finding out more about the campaign of Christie Schaefer and the SEP are urged to attend the meeting this Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 25, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
West Linn Public Library
1595 Burns Street
West Linn, Oregon
(off Oregon State Route 43)