Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of letters sent recently to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “Behind Bush’s ‘truce’ plan: the drive towards a wider Middle East war”

I am a liberal Bahraini lady with no certain political affiliations (i.e., not a socialist, with all respect to all directions). I am continuously interested in following the opinion of the Western intellectuals. I must say, Mr. Van Auken, that your article was very interesting and overall comforting. This is because it was proof that any human with brain material under their skull could see what is obvious in the primitive Atari game being played by the neo-conservatives.

Wouldn’t you agree that it is a shame that millions should die because a lunatic, a witch and a piper are enjoying what they see as a thrilling game? Civilizations are being destroyed and great powers are run by human-like beings that are made up of un-identified material. Well, I am still optimistic. Many know what they are made of like yourself and I am positive millions more are present in our world. Thank you for revealing the truth and thank you for your fight against real terrorism.


9 August 2006

On “Canada: Conservative government unconditionally defends Israel’s assault on Lebanon”

That my country endorses mass murder by any “side” leaves me feeling nothing but shame and disgust for my political leadership. It’s bad enough that the fourth most powerful military in the world is “innocent civilian” target-bombing people who have popguns in comparison to Israel’s planes, tanks and guided bombs, but to endorse the attack of mostly civilians is disgusting.

To scream about Lebanon getting old weapons that can do little actual damage to Israel from Iran, while endorsing Israel receiving modern and even nuclear weapons from America is just one more sign of reporter bias, one more piece of evidence that if you’re an Arab you’re automatically a terrorist, but if you’re an Israeli you’re justified in whatever you do.

This conflict didn’t start a few weeks ago with the taking of a couple of Israeli soldiers prisoner on disputed territory. There have been unjust acts on both sides for many decades. But the Israelis are never judged for their wrong behavior, while Palestinians and Lebanese are constantly called terrorists because they want Israel to stop its horrible mistreatment of them.

Canada has no business taking sides in a conflict where there is both right and wrong on both sides. When we do this we are no better than the “coalition of the willing” that has taken on the totally unasked-for roll of world police. If Canada’s foreign policy begins to walk in lockstep with America’s, we will soon face the hatred of the world that Americans face.

I’m not for or against Israel having a safe home. But neither am I against Palestine and Lebanon having a safe home either. Any country that wants to live in peace and freedom should be willing to give that same right to others.


9 August 2006

* * *

The Harper government’s blatant disregard for international law and basic humanitarian rights makes me truly ashamed of my government. We have made the transition from peacemakers to warmongers practically overnight. I am basically writing to thank you for your pieces, and please keep them coming.


Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada

9 August 2006

On “SEP march in Sri Lanka against US-Israel assault on Lebanon”

Having lived in Beirut in 1956 and in Colombo just after “Emergency ‘58,” I appreciate your reporting from Sri Lanka. The pictures from the march were inspiring! The same for your down-to-earth reporting and interviews during the tsunami. I don’t agree with all your politics, being more of a communist myself, but do appreciate much of your worldwide reporting.


10 August 2006

* * *

Your successive articles on Sri Lanka are absolutely outstanding. I would like to support you in any way possible. My mother’s brother was Edmund Samarakkody, the only member of the LSSP who died a true Marxist and did not go in search of riches. He was offered a Cabinet post by Sirima Bandaranaike (I know this because she was my aunt). Edmund S told her that he was not a political prostitute!

Regards and thanks for a great job,


Brisbane Australia

10 August 2006

On “Lebanon and Kosovo: an instructive comparison”

The comparison you outlined is so abstract, and correct to fair, free minded people. Thank goodness for this medium outside the capitalist press.


10 August 2006

* * *

Sir, I would like to send you just a short message that your article is so timely and appreciated. I do not see anywhere in media that the American public remembers what was done to Yugoslavia and to the Serbs in particular. Do we deserve the justice the “international community” is brags so much about? I remember your organization standing by us during the bombing of Yugoslavia. I survived genocide in Croatia during World War II, and now I am witnessing the “final solution.”


California, US

9 August 2006

On “Lieberman’s defeat and the state of American politics”

It is rather suspicious how easily Joe Lieberman can mount an independent candidacy for the Senate, when the Greens and SEP are hampered by election procedures. Might it be that his point of view doesn’t really need a third party. He is just a Republican in Democratic sheep’s clothing (oops, I guess they all are!).


Atlanta, Georgia, US

10 August 2006

On “Pro-war Democrat Joseph Lieberman defeated in Connecticut primary”

Thanks for the article. What a shame that the people of Connecticut don’t have an alternative to Lieberman besides a multimillionaire, corporate-supporting, political novice like Lamont. The fields are ripe for the SEP and other alternatives to plant the seeds of a powerful workers party in America. Maybe now the workers of this country, seeing their sons killed in yet another senseless war, seeing their quality of life destroyed, are ready for a real change. Thanks again for all your help with the cause.


Ouray, Colorado, US

9 August 2006

On “25 years since PATCO: US air traffic controllers face renewed assault”

Airline safety is obviously not much more of a concern to the FAA than it is to the Department of Homeland Security. It would even be scandalous if the mainstream media actually gave it some coverage, but they won’t.

It might behoove the SEP, Socialist Action, and SPUSA members to find out how various local, state, and federal laws affect setting up informational picket sites. I am assuming that with the FAA arbitrarily imposing a new contract on NATCA—that NATCA will not be allowed to set up informational pickets in or outside major airports. However, applicable law may not necessarily bar interested third parties from setting up informational pickets or handing out pamphlets at airports, hotels, taxi stands—wherever we could.


St. Louis, Missouri, US

8 August 2006

On “Protests in New Zealand against proposed probationary employment bill”

It’s troubling, but only a replay of the conditions elsewhere, whether it’s in the West—for now more visibly North America but only for now—and sadly in Eastern Europe. That’s where I have all my best friends. With peak oil upon us and food and water prices going up all the time (wars for water have been waged since 1990, in Eastern Europe mainly and first of all in Yugoslavia, where oil was among the main targets together with water and the rich deposits of precious metals all over Serbia, including Kosovo and Metohija), I keep wondering every day what people like me (I’m 27) must do and where we should go by 2010, 2015 or 2020. By 2025, it’ll be messy.


Rome, Italy

8 August 2006

On “Canada engaged in colonial intervention in Afghanistan”

Thanks for the truthful account regarding Canadian actions in Afghanistan. It’s a great shame that the Canadian mass media are so aligned with the government and the military.


7 August 2006