Letters from our readers

21 February 2007

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “Obama’s ‘The Audacity of Hope:’ Portrait of a modern American political operative”

Bravo! I have sat in amazement watching Obama’s meteoric rise to the head of the pack of Democratic presidential hopefuls, and wondered, “Why? How?” There’s absolutely no substance. It is refreshing to finally hear someone call him out for what he is: a complete fraud. As a black voter, the media’s always telling me he should be my candidate or that he won’t appeal to me because he’s too “articulate.” Obama doesn’t appeal to blacks or at least to this black because he’s a total fraud, and represents the worst in American politics today. I’m just glad to hear someone finally say it. Thank you.


Buffalo, New York, US

14 February 2007

On “US and UK worst places in developed world to be a child”

Again, another valid observation. When the UK report first surfaced the British Independent newspaper published a short item the following day pointing out what most people (except New Labour, their beneficiaries, and millionaires living in London) already know, namely that British society has copied the worst aspects of the USA to its detriment.

This comment is not meant to suggest a return to the false cosy certainties represented by Ealing Studios and “Dixon of Dock Green,” but merely to point out that key social values have been lost over the past 25 years. Thatcher began it with, “There is no such thing as society.” Short term Labour Leader John Smith continued it with, “We are all individuals now” and Blair has accelerated this neo-conservative social darwinism to its logical conclusions. We are all paying the price and only a change to a positive alternative will suffice.

TW 16 February 2007

On WSWS coverage of US politics

I applaud your recent comparison of the methods of the Hitler gang with the Bush circle, especially in their characteristic adventurism and recklessness, both driven by the requirement to resolve an economic crisis by means of military conquest. In fact, by 1938 the economic miracle that Hitler supposedly brought about, and so admired by Bush’s grandpappy, was fast running out of steam. That led to a renewed effort against the Jewish threat inwardly to distract the working class at a time when Hitler’s own labour lieutenants were warning of rising unrest. As now, there was a “democratic” opposition that was as useless as the Democratic Party. It is worthwhile to read the endless rounds an anti-Hitler civil servant Gusevius made at the highest levels of the German army and state to get something going against Hitler, or at least keep him in check. Lots of grumping. Not a nibble.

Then the desperate Führer made a demand on Poland, basing his claim on lies and falsifications, leading to the Second World War to his own surprise. This is where we are now. Substituting Iran for Poland, that is, and Islam for the Jews and their conspiracies.

I was born a Jew right after the war in a bombed-out city surrounded everywhere by evidence of the criminal recklessness characteristic of Bush and his narrow circle. Thank you for passing on the precious lessons of history to another generation who will, I fear, live through it. You can’t tell the players without the program, kids.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

15 February 2007

On the plight of the US war wounded

I was with the VA [Veterans Administration] for one year and learned so much about the illnesses our troops are incurring and wanted to educate them about what I had linked from their reports of their illnesses to the info I found online. I began educating them and have since been fired—of course not for that reason but some bogus email BS. Know anyone out there who would like to hire an LCSW [Licensed Clinical Social Worker] (as long as I have that license before they try to destroy that as well) who truly advocates for the veterans?


Valdosta, Georgia, USA

20 February 2007

On social inequality

At the conclusion of the 39/45 war income taxes in most developed nations were progressive—i.e., a higher rate of tax was proportionally charged to higher incomes. In some cases this was so severe that rich persons had to spend their capital to live.

In Great Britain old land owning families found it necessary to sell their properties under the taxation policy of the Labour Government. This was clearly too much of a good thing.

The tide turned with the election of Ronald Regan in the USA and Margaret Thatcher in the UK. Now the boot is on the other foot. There is however a further development, which is the rise of the CEOs.

These persons are given far too much authority to exercise, without restraint, these high salaries, as much as several million dollars a year plus expense accounts and pensions, simply because they write the cheques. In many cases they have proven to be incompetent. Some have falsely inflated company earnings to justify their own high salaries.

Something should be done about this.


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

20 February 2007