Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “Anti-imperialism vs. anti-Americanism: an exchange of letters”

Thank you for publishing the letter and response regarding “anti-Americanism.” It led me to read David North and David Walsh’s “Anti-Americanism: The ‘anti-imperialism’ of fools” for the first time. I e-mailed it to some family members with whom I have discussed the issue from both sides.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep our rage at the depredations of capitalism from making us want to lash out in all directions, but as socialists we need to keep our analytical faculties working full-time. The US ruling class’s interests are not those of the American people, though fortunes are invested telling us just that day after day. It is precisely because of the American working class’s ability to see through the fraud, propaganda and lies that I have hope.

One of my favorite quotes from Lenin comes out of Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution, and it is also his shortest: “Patiently explain.” That’s one of our jobs as socialists, and the WSWS does it superbly.

Thanks again,


Long Beach, California, USA

27 February 2007

On “The Bush administration prepares for war against Iran”

I am subscribed with the World Socialist Web Site and read most of your articles. They are the best informative articles online. I recently read your article titled “The Bush administration prepares for war against Iran.”

It was a very good and comprehensive story about Iran and the whole Middle East. I believe there was one thing missing in that article that is of grave concern to the Bush administration: Iranian oil trades in euros. This started about a year ago, and could prove to be very harmful for the US economy. I would like to know your opinion about it. Thank you again.


Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

27 February 2007

On “Four Sri Lankan workers beheaded in Saudi Arabia”

Saudi Arabia is hardly the paragon of the “rule of law” by international standards. It makes no bones about it. For that matter, Sri Lanka has become bloodstained by the same situation over the past two or more decades. Hence, it is not at all surprising that Sri Lankan presidents have kept it low-key, in case the number-one foreign exchange “milking cow” of low-paid employees is endangered in any way. And how is all that hard-earned foreign exchange revenue spent? Your considered guess is as good as mine.

This is the real “karma”—ordinary people pay for not being born with the silver spoon!


United Kingdom

27 February 2007

On “Global markets slide after China sell-off”

I haven’t heard of carry trades, so your article was very interesting. In less than five years, vast numbers of baby boomers will qualify for retirement and their pensions, but for many their pensions will be nothing like their present-day earnings. Years ago, two thirds of final salary was the norm. I predict from my own situation that about a third of final salary plus the state pension will be the norm instead. This will lead to massive amounts of elderly people in the UK being reduced to semi-poverty. We will need as many immigrants as possible to enter the workplace and pay taxes to support welfare spending with all the attendant problems that will bring.

Stock market crashes compound these problems at a stroke, and if we enter a prolonged bear market, this will lead to massive problems in, say, Western Europe and the United States. If the United States attacks Iran, that will cause further turmoil in the stock markets. Added to all this is the risk of even further turbulence in the markets when, say, China, India and Eastern Europe start to become more regulated, as every time regulation comes along threatening profits, bang will go the markets again. I foresee massive social and economic events taking place.


28 February 2007

On “Italian Pabloites back Prime Minister Prodi in Senate confidence vote”

I had an argument with a leading member of the Romanian Socialist Alliance Party (a party that is also a member of the European Left Party—although I really cannot comprehend why it has chosen to have an international affiliation, since Socialist Alliance is overall a very nationalistic party). Unfortunately, this member received the backing of some leading member in my own party, nPCR (The New Communist Party of Romania).

This is indeed very sad. The dispute started because that Socialist Alliance member sent me an e-mail in which he asserted that: 1) the dispute between Trotsky and Stalin is no longer relevant (although he claims to be an admirer of Leon Trotsky); and 2) whoever calls himself a Communist must be regarded as such. I was also very saddened by the fact that he refused to condemn what Rifondazione Comunista did. He refused to condemn the Italian “Communists” for the betrayal they committed when they joined the Prodi government.

I told him that a union with communist beggars like these is one hundred times more harmful to the working class than all the anticommunist campaigns in Romania. When he replied to me, he called me a “sectarian.” I informed him that Lenin and Trotsky were also called sectarian, yet they managed to lead the working class to the great victory of 1917. I must tell you that I’m very sad, because he is a comrade I used to admire. By the way, this morning I have read an article written by Peter Schwartz for the World Socialist Web Site in which he deals with the betrayal of Communist Refoundation. It is called “Italian Pabloites back Prime Minister Prodi in Senate confidence vote.” Excellent article! Great article! Excellent Marxist analysis! I think it should be translated into Romanian as soon as possible! I think I’ll translate it myself when I recover. As for the conference, I really hope I will be able to attend.



2 March 2007

On “A Christmas disaster for Illinois households: Illinois Democratic Party allows January 1 power rate increase”

As you have heard and know, Illinois power company AmerenIP has raised rates so high and so quick that it will destroy families and businesses. It goes beyond words of how AmerenIP is oppressing the very people that work hard every day to feed, clothe, and educate their families and live in this great state of Illinois. Not everyone can just write a check for $600 for power when just two months ago it cost $170 a month. This kind of power bill is bigger than a house payment for some of us. Now that, my friend, is taking the very life out of us, the people of Illinois.

Somebody has to wake up and realize that if you bite the hand that actually keeps you in business, you will kill them off, and then where will your life be? One thing I know for a fact: All men small and great will reap what they you sow, good or bad. And nobody is too small or too big to fall. Remember Enron—nobody is ever too big to lose it all.

Please somebody help us! We can’t stand under this kind of burden no matter what side the tracks we may be from. No one deserves this kind of oppression and unjust hardship, the result of such greed and self-indulgence!


Danville, Illinois

2 March 2007