Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “Homeless in the US: Underfunded and brutalized”

Thank you for your excellent, thoughtful, well written, honest and powerful analysis concerning certain aspects of homelessness as faced by people living either houseless or otherwise marginally housed (e.g., doubled up or in motels or homeless shelters, etc.) within the US. It is greatly appreciated.


Montpelier, Vermont, USA

19 March 2007

On “Ghosts—a harrowing and honest depiction of modern slavery”

Thank you for your insightful review. It’s so important that ordinary people are made aware of the current political situation and how it impacts us every day in ways we wouldn’t dream. It seems more and more we are being shown how profits are made by abhorrent practices we are made to believe have long been extinct in our “civilized” society, and particularly in the food industry. Fast Food Nation was a real eye-opener also.

Again, thanks for speaking out about it and for giving props to the film that dared to do the same. Films like this one make me see clearly how we are being controlled and manipulated by a media with an agenda to keep us unaware to the greatest extent possible. Please continue to speak to truth. Your voice is a welcome one.


Oakland, California, USA

21 March 2007

On “Proposed new powers for bailiffs in Britain: an attack on the poor and indebted”

Your article regarding the extra powers granted to bailiffs by the Labour government is yet more proof, if proof is needed, that reformism is a rotten carcass. I know that Labour governments in the past have when faced with defending the power of capitalists always sided with capitalists. Yet it has taken until the present period for Labour to give as you, say, the legal right for thugs to intimidate vulnerable workers. Let’s make no mistake—this is what they will do.

All this proves is that workers need to build a revolutionary party rooted in the workplace. Such a party will be critical not only of the Labour Party but also of the role played by trade unions in propping up a rotten reformist party.


Stanley, Co. Durham, UK

20 March 2007

On “Australian government condemns Tamil refugees to years of incarceration”

The Australian government’s stand shows its ignorance and callousness towards the Tamil refugees. I think the Australian government racist and anti-Tamil policy is inhumane, and should be repealed. So many Tamils have been killed by the terrorist Sri Lankan government in the name of democracy. Why are you giving entry to the Singhalese from Sri Lanka if the country is a fine place to live? I hope the Australian government has a conscience, because if the Tamils are sent back and they are killed I hope it lies heavily on the conscience of the so called Christian nation.


21 March 2007

On “Democrats pass ‘anti-war’ bill that funds the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan”

I was so impressed (and depressed) by your exposure of the Democrat war party that I helped elect in 2007. Many of us spent days canvassing for Democratic votes and for what? While they bicker, Baghdad burns.


Yorktown Heights, NY, USA

24 March 2007

On “A tale of two cases in US ‘war on terror’: Jose Padilla and Chiquita Brands”

Spot on. When I first heard of the Chiquita “problem,” I thought of Jose Padilla, and instantly took as given that the lapdog mainstream press would neglect pointing out the irony—or more accurately, hypocrisy—of the separate-and-unequal treatment of the two “terrorist” defendants.

Sometimes, I hate being right.


25 March 2007