Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “Two New York City transit workers killed in less than a week

It truly is a shame to hear about this tragedy. I live on the Upper West Side and am on the 2 and 3 express trains virtually every day.

The only the thing more tragic than what happened is that it could have been prevented, and to add insult to the entire thing, the media have barely covered what happened.

It is a striking paradox that such a wonderfully efficient massive transport system (I am originally from Seattle, Washington, woefully lacking in effective mass public transport) is in the hands of individuals who do not care for the safety of their employees. These transit workers keep New York City alive, and their safety and health should be a very high priority to any New Yorker who takes the train.

Thank you for the article; I am ashamed I did not read or hear about this until nearly a week later



New York City, New York, USA

3 May 2007

On “Australian “terror” raids target Tamil groups

I really appreciate your article regarding the raids on the homes of Tamil men in Melbourne.

It is often the case that the world is not aware of the struggles of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, which has raised such a resistance as the Liberation Tigers. I myself and my parents and family friends would not have left the country had it not been for discrimination in terms of education, lifestyle and employment in Sri Lanka due to the fact that I am in a minority.

My parents bought me here for a better life and education. I am now in employment that I could not have dreamed of had I been in Sri Lanka due to the fact that I am a Tamil.

I fear that the Sri Lanka government is on a campaign to wipe out Tamils as a whole but guise their activities as targeting the LTTE. There are 16 million Tamils outside Sri Lanka. Some outwardly support the cause and some silently support.

It is unfair that police and the media are supporting a government which just three months ago bombed a girls’ orphanage in the North of Sri Lanka, killing 38 orphans. To the world, they said that they bombed a Tigers training camp.

I am very disappointed in the Murdoch newspapers and the headings used. I came here when I was five and was never interested in the politics at home. But as I see more and more atrocities committed by the present government, I feel that I should be voicing my concerns.


1 May 2007

On “Britain: Why you should vote Socialist Equality Party on May 3

Very best wishes on tomorrow’s elections. May all your candidates be victorious!

From a friend in the US,


2 May 2007

On “Posada Carriles case: US government moves to gag terrorist on CIA ties

I am glad to see that you mention the Cuban Five, however briefly. Given that the case represents a kind of editorial mother lode for anyone who intends to show the criminal nature of the US government, I wish that you would elaborate for your readers. Surely, you are aware that the real “crime” they committed was to gather information on Miami-based terrorist groups. The US government admitted that it had no evidence against them and charged them with “conspiracy”—a thought crime.

Certainly, it is an outrage any time innocent people are incarcerated, but all the more outrageous when those innocent people were trying to stop fiends like Posada Carriles and Posada walks free. The case of Posada Carriles and the Cuban Five are intertwined—two faces of US government policy towards Cuba.


3 May 2007

On “Ex-CIA director Tenet admits lies told on war

I’ve read many j’accuses about Tenet in the last few days. Bill Vann’s is by far the best of the lot. It’s written in classic WSWS style. It’s a detailed but terse indictment of Tenet, the war criminal, traitor to humanity and typical rat jumping the derelict and sinking ship of the Bush administration.


Whitehall, Penn., USA

1 May 2007