Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “First Republican presidential debate displays a party in deepening crisis”

Thanks for your article. All the fellows were shamelessly standing there trying their darndest to look like Ronald Reagan. If any of the social issues you mentioned had been dealt with, I would have been quite surprised.


Tuscon, Arizona, USA

5 May 2007

* * *

Super coverage and analysis, as always. What a spectacle! We truly are the damned. When will it end? Clearly, neither of the two parties that rule America is even close to being in sync with the fundamental problems and schisms that are careening us headlong into a completely dystopian future. We’re mostly there now. American citizens need to get out of their consumer comas and take back the country. Many are already doing so in great numbers, I know, but the media throws the evidence down the memory hole as quickly as it appears. I don’t know exactly what’s going to go down in this country in the next few years, but I know it isn’t going to be pretty.


7 May 2007

On “Leon Trotsky and the post-Soviet school of historical falsification: A review of two Trotsky biographies by Geoffrey Swain and Ian Thatcher”

This lecture identifies the truth. The truth is definable and interpretable in different ways by various schools of thought, which choose which facts or happenings are more suitable to use. Misinformation, on the other hand, is a deliberate attempt to falsify facts or happenings, and is now being used to re-write history, especially for a new generation of students and people who haven’t yet leaned history. It is being used to brainwash the public.


Gympie, Queensland, Australia

9 May 2007

On “US massacres of civilians spark protests in Afghanistan”

One brief note on your excellent article: it would be almost impossible for the Taliban to be anywhere near Herat—they speak Pustun while the language in Herat is Farsi.


5 May 2007

On “Judith Miller defends New York police repression of antiwar “terrorists”

Bill Van Auken has shown that using the term NYPD intelligence is an oxymoron. It’s interesting to see how artfully Ms. Miller uses her refuge in the First Amendment of the US Constitution to attack the concept of democracy. The NYPD’s spying operations are out of control. Ms. Miller will be sad if US courts curb the NYPD from running amok, and residents of New York City will breathe easier if the courts curb their intelligence gathering activities. One wonders if Governor Spitzer of New York state has the power or desire to control these excesses.


Whitehall, Penn., USA

5 May 2007